Sunday , December 5 2021

Marrakech: All Africans celebrated a record of participation


Infomediaire Maroc – The 8th Sommet Africans Marrakech 2018 saves a record, its third day of work, with more than 6,900 participants, 2 600 foreigners representing African continents, as well as asian, apprentice-makers.

Representative of around 16,500 local communities, Rien qu'en Africa, the participants in this panafricaan panafricain of engagement, devotes more attention to 150 themat tales, tables and workshops, from the bilateral and multilateral corporations to reinforce the Parties between the countries in the Middle East.

Trident on the site of Bab Jdid, a full-fledged site, a gigantic chapite, has more than 8,000 m2, as well as the space bar, featuring a great room for a room, exposure, salmon trentine, a great restaurant on which the inviting ensembles are gracefully served, plus the centers of press equipments needed for the media library (press and audiovisual press).

The event was censored by more than a hundred percent of journalists representing international and international medias and mediators, a team of Groupe Infomédiaire.

At the end of this year, at the occasion of the 20th anniversary, around the theme: "The transition to the territories and the territories: The role of the territorial collective of Africa".

For the most part, the work of the Summit will be approved by the concretes that will be addressed to the ministries, the people, the leaders of the local governments and the governments of development.

Placé under the patronage of Roi Mohammed VI, the peaceful majority of the world's regions, ministries of charge of the local communities, the housing and urban development, on November 24-24. and public affairs, as well as local authorities, responsibilities of local and central administration, civil society organizations and economic operators of public and private sectors, among other things.

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