Thursday , January 20 2022

Malfunction of social protection system in Skhirat


The coastal town of Skhirat has its first social security conference. Organized in partnership with different ministries and public institutions under the auspices of the European Union and UNICEF, the purpose of this conference is "to develop an integrated and agreed vision for the protection system". As an essential component of the new development model, "Secretary for Public Affairs and Governance said in a statement," This vision should be able to overcome the dysfunctions and current constraints that limit the impact of the system on citizens, human and social development in general "He added.
Participants of the conference, chaired by government head Saad Eddine El Othmani, reviewed various solutions for the complete and in-depth restructuring of state programs and policies on social security. The debate that pointed to this case was regarded as "the act of founding the process of social security reform" by ministry entrusted to the head of government and the head of government, which oversees the government. We will pay attention to the lessons and results from Morocco's social protection experience. Then there are challenges to be achieved and risks to be prevented as well as achievements to be integrated. Without forgetting to focus on the appropriate response to the needs of other populations as required by their social, economic and demographic characteristics. It is, on the one hand, to ensure the consistency and complementarity of the various existing components of the national supply of social security, while at the same time ensuring that the national agenda of social security in a complementary, harmonious, # 39; Governance & # 39; Finally, the issues and challenges of setting up a target system to increase the effectiveness and effectiveness of public action in this area have also been discussed.
By definition, social security is a collection of collective insurance mechanisms to financially offset the consequences of social risks such as old age, illness, disability, unemployment or family costs. In addition to financial benefits, social security has a social side because it lowers social risks and provides the minimum income that can be incorporated into society for individuals. . All duties are carried out by social security (protection from sickness, old age, etc.) or the state itself because it involves certain costs such as school grants. Compensation for the unemployed. Local authorities also take their hands to their pockets through municipalities that support some of the pensioners with little resources. Finally, private administrations and charities can sometimes take part in social protection for the most underprivileged.

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