Monday , March 8 2021

Le Matin – Lydec mobilized to meet bad weather in Grand Casablanca

Greater Casablanca is experiencing strong urban growth, which is accelerating beyond the capacity of its sanitary networks. This is the assessment made by the executives of the delegated management company, Lydec, who organized a press briefing in Casablanca on Tuesday to take up the situation.

The storms recorded in recent days in Grand Casablanca were characterized by their high intensity over a short period of time with heterogeneity in space, a cumulative maximum of 250 mm from 6 to 11 January was recorded. This rainfall event represents only 69% of the showers in a year (average rainfall 361 mm / year; 218 mm in 2020).

According to the statements of the company responsible for the management of water, electricity and liquid sanitation services in Casablanca, Lydec, the observed floods are mainly due to the saturation of networks at sensitive points that do not allow ‘absorbed heavy rains and areas which are not yet equipped with stormwater drainage networks.

Indeed, the metropolis is experiencing strong urban growth, which is accelerating the capacity of its sanitary networks, something that requires an acceleration in the mobilization of funding needed to realize essential projects for the development of ‘ the city and reduce the impact of flooding on points identified as reinforcement needed.

24-hour interventions to manage the situation

Lydec spared no human and material resources to deal with the situation. In detail, almost 800 agents of all categories were mobilized 24 hours a day in the field of operations and more than 300 units (equipment of all kinds: Hydrocurer, vacuum cleaners, mini-cleaning cars, pumps and motor pumps, cars …) worked on the various interventions regarding the sanitation network, not to mention the 300 employees who were mobilized in the back office.

The number of interventions reached, from 5 to 11 January, the record number of 7,887. The Customer Relations Center has received 40,200 calls since January 5 (the CRC receives an average of 57,500 calls per month) and has strengthened its capacity to manage the influx. And of course, the crisis management system is activated at Lydec’s Monitoring and Coordination Center, which is operational 24 hours a day.

Throughout the year, Lydec ensures the proper functioning of more than 6,800 km of liquid sanitary networks, more than 160 pumping stations and 140 basins for rainwater conservation. The company carries out various preventive actions to maintain the structures and strengthen the transmission capacity of the wastewater and rainwater collection, in particular systematic rounds before, during and after each rain at all sensitive points to ensure their proper functioning and perform maintenance actions as it is necessary.

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