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Le Matin – issuing film and documentary project receipts


The Filmmaking Committee has decided to issue receipts for film and documentary projects at its third meeting in Rabat from November 12 to 16, 2018. Driss Alaoui Mdaghri.
In the after-production section, Moncef Malzi's feature film "Taxi Bied" and Ali Benjelloun's short film "Angoisse" and Ilias El's "Roujoula" are given a million Dirf of 150,000 DH. Faris is a member of the Moroccan Film Center (CCM) Announced in a statement.
For pre-production film projects, a total of 4.150.000 DH will be awarded to the "La vie moi va bien" project directed by Anouar Mouatassim's feature film "Wind Rider" and Al Hadi Ulad Mohand. In this category, the total of 4.100.000 DH, 3.600.000 DH, and 1.950.000 DH is based on Mohamed Hicham Regragui's feature film "Green Card", Driss Mrini's "Le Mont Moussa" and "Heaven is Dark" Bull and Luke Seomore co-direct.
In this genre, a short film of 150,000 dirhams and 200,000 dirhams is still in the works of Khalil Hassani's "dear father" and Sophia Alaoui's "What is important if an animal dies?"
Saharawi Hassan Documentary on Ali Oualdah's documentary on culture, history and pre-production space <달력이없는 달력>,

  • Drissi Sidi Mohamed, "Esmara, Bawh Soukhour Bi Asrar Al Ousour", Tahf Charaf-Eddine's Lhassan El Omari and "Rihlat Al Baht Ani Arrabaid".
    In this category Salim Ballal's "Sourrat Assayf" and Sidi Mohamed Fadel El Joummani's "Ain Abarbour" documentary project, 875,000 DH, will be presented.
    In addition to the chairpersons, Amina Saibari, Latifa Baqa, Meriem Khatouri, Fatima Ait Mhand, Laila Tounzi, Mrabih Rabou Maou Laenin, Mohammed Bakrim, Abderrazak Ezzahir, Mohamed El Kadmiri, Driss Tahri and Abdelhak Fikri.

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