Sunday , December 5 2021

Le Matin – Fruits for French universities: the embassy declares itself


Moroccan pupils, like their non-European pupils, plan to get the first time in higher training of & # 39; to study the course in France, the next academic year will be attended by training students in France. level of schools and universities in France. These allowances will be from 170 euros at 2,700 euros for the license and 3,770 euros for master and doctorate (against 243 euros in master and 380 euros in the current document).

This increase is part of the adoption strategy for international students called "Welcome to France". A plan was made Thursday evening report made by the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and the resulting efforts to increase the number of foreign students in France, while providing better conditions for their reception, such as Clelia Chevrier Kolačko, a commissioner for cooperation and development. cultural action and general director of the French Institute of Morocco who has spoken on Wednesday at a press conference that holds the headquarters of the # 39; a Chancellery of Embassy of France in Rabat.

"France is the fourth largest host of international students in the world, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, and the first non-English speaking country. Despite its many strengths to know the presence of prestigious institutions , a good quality of training, it is often determined by students for the absence of a real home program, "said the same manager.

Note that this increase in registration costs is accompanied by an increase in the number of gestures of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 7,000 studies (300 for Moroccan students are offered) to 15,000 votes. Higher education plans also plan to increase the number of stops they offer directly to reach 6,000 bumps.

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