Saturday , June 19 2021

Koh Lanta, the secret weapons: Laure and Maxime inseparable, this photo with a yellow ex makes people react

Maxine has just unveiled a photo with Laure and another candidate from Koh Lanta, the secret weapons. A cliché that made the canvas react.

While Vincent on the Touche Pass revealed to My Post that he was not great with Shanice, we will tell you about other candidates of Koh Lanta, the secret weapons. And you’ll understand, it’s about Maxine and Laure. Very close to their adventure, this friendship lasted after the shooting … And yesterday, the two TF1 candidates found Lucie, a candidate for the opposing team, whom they met at the reunion. On her Instagram post, Maxine writes: “Do not brush at the same camp for days, it brings you closer.” A publication that made the web respond …

And among the comments posted by Internet users, we read: “A shocking trio (…) Beautiful trio (…) All three of you are very beautiful (…) Beautiful photo girls, take care of yourself ❤️ (…) Glad to see you together again”, Now it only remains to be seen whether Maxine, Laure and Lucie will go as far together as possible in the adventure. At least for now, the three young women are still in competition! And speaking of Lucie, knowing that her behavior in the latest episode of Koh Lanta, secret weapons made internet users react.

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