Thursday , December 9 2021

JCC 2018: All of the 29th edition winners


The 29th edition of Carthage Film Days ended on November 11th. The winner's name was revealed at the closing ceremony in the Cité de la culture. It should be noted that 44 fictional and documentary films between short and feature films participated in the official competition.

Here are the winners of the Carthaginian movie: 7

Feature Film Competition:

Golden Thanet: "Fatwa" of Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud (Tunisia)
Tanit: "Yomeddine" of Abu Bakr Shawky (Egypt)
Tanit of Bronze: The "unfinished journey" of Zodiac (Syria)
Best Picture Award: The "unfinished journey" of Zodiac (Syria)
Best Music Award: "Rafiki" movie of Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya)
Best Screenplay Award: Likarion "Supa Modo" of Wai Naina (Kenya)
Best Actor Award: Ahmad Hafiane on the role of Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud (Tunisia) in the movie "Fatwa"
Award for best actor: Samantha Mugatsia, who played her role in Wanuri Kahiu's (Kenya) film "Rafiki"

Special mention:
– "Sofia" of Meryem Ben Mare (Morocco)
– "Maki & LA" in Ekwa Bahango (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Audience Award: The "unfinished journey" of Zodiac (Syria)

Official competition of short story films:

Golden Thanet: The "brotherhood" of Meryem Joobeur (Tunisia)
Tanit: "Lalo & # 39; s House" by Kelly Carly (Berlin)
Bronze Tanets: "Astra" of Nidhal Guiga (Tunisia)

Special mention: "Florist" Chamakh Bouslama (Tunisia)

Feature Documentary Competition:

Golden Thanet: "Amal" of Mohammed Siam (Egypt)
Tanit: Amal Ramsis (Egypt) "came from far"
Bronze Tanets: Ghassen Halwani (Lebanon), "Asvisible of Invisible"

Official competition of short documentary:

Golden Thanet: The "resonance" of Nicolas Khoury (Lebanon)
Tanit: Mahdi Fleifel (Palestine) said, "I signed the petition.
Bronze Tanets: "Kedougou" of Mamadou Khouma Gueye (Senegal)

Competition first work:

TV5Monde Price: "Sofia" of Meriem Ben Marek (Morocco)
Taher Cheriaa Prize: "Sofia" of Meriem Ben Marek (Morocco)
Special mention Marie-Clemence Paes (Madagascar) feature documentary "Fahavalo".

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