Tuesday , October 26 2021

for Cuba, the risk of a knockout


This sport "is the one that brought most Olympic medals to Cuba," said the fourth World Cup and Gold medalist in Rio 2016 (light though) if he put his hands on a national competition there Defends the color of his province, Camagüey (middle).

"It would be a high standard for the Cuban delegation to no longer order boxing titles" at the Olympic Games, the 29-year-old, with a lot of golden teeth.

In the ring the Caribbean island is obviously longer, with in & # 39; pants 73 world titles and 37 athletes … even if there is a lot of burden, another inland for a better future. The last is Olympic duplication groom Robeisy Ramirez, who died in July from their team in Mexico.

At present, the threat of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has lost its patience with the Summer Olympics of the Summer Olympics in 2016, where all 36 officials and board members of # 39 ; The sports were recorded after objections of fighting. rigged.

He asked the International Boxing Federation (AIBA) to be responsible and will visit in Tokyo on November 30 and December 1 to decide whether or not to exclude the current matches or not to expire.

President of the Kubanese Federation Boxing Federation for nine years, Alberto Puig will be perfectly serene: "We do not have the worst doubt that the boxing at the Olympics will be present" from 2020, he ensures AFP.

Returning to Russia, where he joined the AIBA congress, he defended the Oezbek Gafur Rakhimov, elected chairman on this occasion.

The 67-year-old businessman, however, is accused of "major criminal" in his country by the US Treasury, which led the IOC to free relations with AIBA, as soon as he was appointed as president. January.

Rakhimov leans the fees of US Treasury. Early October, he held AFP that he had "never been to international criminal organizations," which had "made bad judgments by the former regime" in Uzbekistan.

In the Federation, "there were historic problems in both governmental and financial matters," had the AIBA more than $ 39 million in debt, it was off and it was settled just with Gafur's administration and the rest of the team with whom we work in the Executive Committee, "says Alberto Puig.

For Tokyo-2020 he deals with his predictions – "It's a little secret," he says – and suggests that the goal is to "increase the number of medals of Rio Olympics" three gold and three bronze.

The boxing of the national team that has been visited has been Rolando Acebal, her national coach, the same thing: "quiet, without worrying about being settled".

Also for him is the "promising" that boxing comes from the Olympic Games, because it is "one of the oldest sports in history," the discipline one of the # 39; The six original sports of the old Olympic Games.

It is proud that boxing is "the flag of Cuban sport", he anticipates that Cuba will remain a reference in the world of boxing and that, regularly, foreign athletes get there. In brief, the island held the German Olympic team.

"Everyone wants to get to the Cubans for a while, we have a lot of European and American styles, with a lot of coordination." Boxing, we make or dance, "says the coach, hope that the ball will not end.

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