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Delpozo: Lutz Huelle would be the new creative director


Two months later to Josep Font's Delpozo got a replacement. The German designer Lutz Huelle is expected to be the new creative director of the Spanish ready-to-have label by the Perfumes y Diseño group in 2011.

The German designer Lutz Huelle on his latest fashion show in Paris – Pixel Formula

It was the WWD magazine that filters the name of Lutz Huelle to take Josep Font on the head of the design of the brand founded by Jesús del Pozo in 1974. contact the officials of the Spanish House, which depends on comment. The brand of German designers has seen itself as delicious.

Josep Font was introduced in Delpozo's headline design in 2012, a strategic decision to update the Spanish company following her arrival by the group Parfums y Diseño. For the past six years, the Catalan designer deserves the legacy of Jesús del Pozo by working on a silhouette identified by his parts and the inclusion of his training as an architect. The designer has succeeded in developing the global development of a company by setting up a series of important openings, selling the market in 34 countries with 80 points. Delpozo has three flag brands in Madrid, London and Dubai. After ten seasons at New York Fashion Week, Delpozo returned to Europe with a parade in London in February.

For his part, Lutz Huelle came in Paris in 1995 as head of the margins of Martin Margiela, following a training at the banks of St. Martens school. In 2000 he launched his own brand under the name Lutz with his partner David Ballu. The market was introduced in 2012 by Lutz Huelle to support its international development. Double winner of the Andam Prize has the company a showroom in & # 39; e Marais and presents his collections at Paris Fashion Week. At the last edition of Denim Première Vision in Paris, the designers were awarded the # 39; the show to express the vision for fall-winter 2020.

A great stranger to the Spanish public, however, Lutz Huelle lost the second edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show 10 years ago. For 18 years at the head of his brand is the German designer of the same name characterized by his work of deconstruction and his art mix & match. The characteristic parts earn the delicate structures of Josep Font, but the evolution of the identity of the company that is assigned under the Barcelona designer's designs will remain visible.

When the information about the arrival of Lutz Huelle is confirmed, the Spanish House must have a creative and structural lift that is comparable to that of Loewe, another Spanish luxury brand, when Jonathan Anderson goes to Stuart Vevers & # 39; head of & # 39; the design.

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