Tuesday , January 31 2023

Debate on financial legislation in 2019


Financial legislation in 2019 is submitted to NPC today by Treasurer Abderrahmane Raouya.

After that, the debate will be held at the general meeting and will continue until tomorrow. The vice-presidency will be held on Thursday. Today, the AFN Finance and Budget Committee will submit a proposal to amend or abolish certain provisions of this measure. Member States of the Commission have abolished the provisions contained in this PLF and are already known to have been introduced in Article 169 (4). The latter restricts the advertising costs of companies that do not make serious changes. The advertising revenue of the media has already been hit by a sharp decline in advertising, particularly the private sector. Recall that PLF2019 is based on oil baseline prices based on $ 50 per barrel, 2.6% growth forecast and 4.5% inflation rate. %. In this measure, the slight increase in imports is estimated to be 6.58 trillion Dinar compared to 2018, of which one third (23.9%) is expected to be derived from the Petroleum Tax Act. On the other hand, expenses are estimated at 855.5 billion Dinar compared to the previous year. Nonetheless, the operating budget was not properly allocated, despite a general decrease in spending budget, with a slight increase in social spending and provisionally allocating 50% or 4,954 billion dinars. Who set up 176.3 billion Dinar for the year 176 billion Dinar last year. According to PLF2019, these will be distributed to 445 billion Dinars to support the family, and there will be 290 billion Dinar in addition to the 500 billion Dinar contribution allocated to CNR in the pension, so the decision to reassess the retirement pension announced in 2019. The equipment budget Is 600 billion Dinar, of which 2.6 trillion Dinars is assigned to granting a program authorization for a new project or project. Revaluation. Considering that public investment in member states has fallen sharply compared to the previous year, it will have to be removed.
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