Tuesday , September 27 2022

Death of French actress Françoise Arnoul, Renoir’s “Nini” “French Cancan”


French actress Françoise Arnoul, 1950 star and star of the famous “French CancanJean Renoir, who died on Tuesday at the age of 90, told his family to AFP.

She died in a hospital in Paris after a long illness.

Born in June 1931 in Constantine, Algeria, where her father was an artillery general and her actress, Françoise Arnoul, whose real name is Françoise Gautsch, first dreamed of a dancer. But could not enter the Opera of Paris because it had passed the age limit.

At 17, she took drama lessons and got her first role in “The pavement“by Willy Rozier, a realistic drama in which she plays a dancer. As a minor, she is dubbed for a highly dressed scene.

Slim silhouette and enchanting appearance, she is considered a “sex symbol“from the fifties, with movies like”The Companions of the Night“,”Anger at the body“,”Alcove secrets“of”The forbidden fruit“confronted with a Fernandel.

In 1954 she became famous by playing Nini in “French Cancan“by Jean Renoir and will then shoot five films with Henri Verneuil.

Françoise Arnoul will be replaced by Brigitte Bardot and left by the New Wave. “I’ve never been really interested in my career, I play in the movies I like above all else“she said.

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