Tuesday , February 7 2023

Copa Libertadores: The rain shocked Boca – River by Sunday.


"Superclasico" will finally be held on Sunday. The Copa Libertadores final final, which awaits a confrontation between two rival clubs in Buenos Aires, Boca Juniors and River Plate on Saturday, was postponed one day due to heavy rains. I hit the capital.

Situated in the heart of the popular district of La Boca, which has two clubs, the mythical stage of Bombonera waits until 16:00 (French at 20:00) until Sunday's explosive Derby bubbles and Southern Union football (Conmebol) Twitter Before the kickoff, about one and a half hours before the first scheduled at 17:00.

Daniel Angelici, president of Boca, said the pitch was "pretty good," but he thought it was "the right decision." He will meet Liverpool 's Rodolfo Donofrio at 11:00 on Sunday.

"It will depend on the weather conditions, and if there is another flood tonight or tomorrow (Sunday), the land will not flow away," he said.

The decision tolerated a torrent of water that struck Buenos Aires for a few hours when it was announced at the stadium 95 minutes before the kickoff when 53,000 fans were in almost every place.

– "Match of the Century" –

The doors of Bombonera actually opened at 13:00. 1200 police have played this game in a tense state to enforce superb security measures mobilized.

Thousands of red and white fans, banned from the Bombonera, gathered at the side of the monumental arena on the River Plate to encourage players who were ready to leave the arena at the start of the game. Announcement of acting.

Boca players waited patiently before waiting for a bus at a hotel in the city center and were quickly waiting for a decision.

This was inevitable: Despite the hopes of improving the weather on the organizers side, the country eventually provoked a great passion throughout the country.

Argentina's most popular club "Superclasico" has a more special flavor in South America's most famous club competition final. The unprecedented poster has already been called the "Century of Consensus" by supporters of the black market, which, according to media reports, cost up to $ 25,000 and are sometimes far away.

Four young supporters from Boca, Rawson, 1200 km south of Buenos Aires, were killed in road accidents Saturday morning, prompting Boca executives to feel their emotions. He said.

Boca Juniors, unlike the bout of competitive bourgeoisie, is the seventh club of Copa Libertadores, a club backed historically by the poorer classes of the city and headed for the most successful of its most successful clubs, Independiente I got a chance to win. The Argentine capital.

The coming bridge is scheduled for Saturday, November 24 at Monumental.


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