Thursday , March 30 2023

Coal wells collapsed –


After the collapse of a coal well in Jerada, one person died on July 7 in Jerada. Three miners have been rescued.


JErada is again influenced by tragedy. On the morning of November 7, local coal mine collapsed, causing casualties. The 25-year-old Brahim Dahmani who died as a result of this accident displays the source on the scene confirming the information relayed by his fellow Medias24. Three of our interviewees were three other people sitting well in the coal at the time of the collapse. According to the same source, the collapse of the well occurred in recent rainfalls and was absorbed into the soil of the well in question.

The collapse occurred in Zone 16 near the Jerada thermal power plant. Our interviewer indicates that Brahim Dahmani is 45 years old.Electronic The victim was caught in a coal sink in the area. The body of the victim was transferred to the body by the civilians in the field. The latter sat down and sat down while recalling the slogan of Hirak Jerada. The funeral of Brahim Dahmani is scheduled for November 8th. At present, the authorities have not yet commented on the subject.

In June, the collapse of the traditional lead gallery caused two casualties in the Sidi Boubker area in Jerada.

Saad Eddine El Othmani, the head of government who visited Oriental in February, announced a series of measures to improve Jerada's situation. Withdrawal of all operating licenses granted in this area to contribute to the development of this area, or the opening of new zinc and lead mines.

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