Sunday , January 17 2021

Charles Aznavour: His son announces a post-album project. (…)

OneWork In October, Charles Aznavour disappeared at the age of 94 in a house in southern Provence. On Tuesday, November 13, a 40-day rally was held to end the period of mourning and silence in the Armenian tradition. Mischa, one of the sons of Charles Aznavour, escapes silence to evoke his father's memories and to announce his family's art project.

On October 5, in the Invalides courtyard, I paid tribute to Charles Aznavour at a ceremony attended by 200 characters of the entertainment world, politicians and followers. Fan who wants to hear the story of symbolic French singer continuously.

On the post-album, Mischa Aznavour said " It is said that several titles are planned to come out with Universal. "Charles Aznavour« When I made the album again in 2016, I recorded 5 or 6 tracks and the other album was already ready, edited, and arranged, but there was no voice in that album. His son says.

" Perhaps there is an album that can be played in the place where Dad and six tracks are, and he would have provided six songs to those he liked. We have not chosen everyone yet. ", Says Mischa Aznavour, it will be. His homosexuals ".

And it is not the only project under preparation according to Mischa Aznavour. Movies made with images taken by Charles Aznavour in Super 8 will also be screened in theaters. You can also see the light of day in the animated TV series based on the artist's love song.

Mishka Aznavour's interview " RTL dinner »Join Marc-Olivier Fogiel on Wednesday, November 14 at 6 pm

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