Monday , August 8 2022

Casablanca. Collectors share the happiness of old-fashioned driving!


The vintage car's Moroccan Royal Federation is hosting this weekend in Morocco at the Momo Retro Classic. An opportunity to discover the universe of enthusiasts who have a passion for perfume.

Moroccan malls, motorcycle enthusiasts, collectors or even curiosity met on the 5th anniversary of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Vintage Vehicles on Saturday. (FRMVE).

The old, young, oldtimers, landscapes of beautiful popular accessible, mythical sports, prize labels or lost, gives everyone an opportunity to admire selected parts of the Moroccan heritage of vintage tea and collectors from around the kingdom ..

Elegance competitions will be held this weekend to emphasize the car tradition that has existed for generations in Morocco and challenge all collectors in Morocco by giving them the opportunity to surpass themselves. A number of criteria other than the beauty of the vehicle are judged by an international jury.

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