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Britney Spears celebrates 20 years of video "Baby One More Time"


MUSIC – If we do not count on Britney Spears's successes, one will always have a taste – or rather a sound-special: that of his first. The famous clip of "Baby One More Time" has celebrated her twenties. An anniversary that more insects more in our nostalgia of '90s.

On Monday, November 26th, the United States singer on Instagram shared a message that did not happen so many years since the release of the video: "I think the film as it was yesterday!" . But Britney Spears is reassured: As time goes missing, he has to keep track of the routes.

First of all, an international building

Greetings to believe, but Britain's greatest success was not always meant. Written by the Swedish Max Martin, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" is indeed a proposal for TLC, followed by Robyn, following. The TLC's look at the ambivalent title of the song, which can be found when stimulating domestic violence [“hit me” veut dire “frappe-moi”, mais l’auteur pensait à “hit me up”: “appelle-moi”, ndlr].

The song "Baby One More Time" to move any twins – without leaving a translator decides to pay the product team to Britney Spears, just in a casting. Former Bernster by Mickey Mouse Club [aux côtés de Justin Timberlake, qui lui devra notamment son tube “Cry Me A River”, ndlr], the sixteen-year-old girl has been cold to learn back to the light.

The day of her release in the bake, the single "Baby One More Time" expects about 500,000 copies, so he has an unexpected place above the list in & # 39; The United States (and in 18 other countries) did not survive the next two weeks. In a mini round of shopping center the same year to promote his first album, the young singer from Mississippi can not set what he wins with this first tube.

Named to illustrating the household tone, director Nigel Dick visualizes a clip or a cartoon. But Britney Spears, poor to reach a full audience, gives the idea (fortunately stored) of a whole school. They choose to do this – now famous – outfit improves schoolgirl, a mischief of innocence and provocation also the signature of the artist is (she will say in his song "Oops! … I have done again ": "I'm not innocent" ("I'm not so innocent")).

The definitive result, a condensed 4-minute choreography and tasty US clinics, is released on November 24, 1998.

Popure of an entire generation

Today is the clip of "Baby One More Time" over 370 million copies on YouTube. In the world of pop culture is a genuine referral, such as the winks that regularly spend the current works (such as in "Glee", for example).

The single remained one of the best sellers of & # 39; the world (9 million copies) and runs 25 in "100 pop-popping songs of all time" according to Rolling Stone and MTV. In his career, he has a great commercial success (he is the most sold album of the year 1999) and Britney Spears, now 36, a sustainable government on # 39; the music world at the international scale

Twenty years after its release, "Baby One More Time" stands as a "Generational Hymn" that continues to gather fans of late-night improvised karaoke.

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