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Bank Al-Maghrib unveils the figures of debt to banks

42,500DH is the average excellent bank credit per household, a total of 342 billion DH at end of 2018, up 6.1% compared to a year earlier, having absorbed 4.4%.

Bank Al-Maghrib observes annually the charge of & # 39; a domestic bank, in its 2018 survey, it saw for 11 banks and 10 consumer credit companies, representing merchant stocks in terms of loan to banks. 99% and 98%, respectively.

In comparison from 2018 to 2017, a survey shows that in 2018 the average bank debt per household and 42,500 DH, respectively, amounted to 41,000. It consists of 36% by consumer credit and 64% by housing loans and banks have 85%.

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In addition, consumer spending growth accelerated to 7%, up from 4.8% in 2017, to a total of 123 billion DH, which was crowdfunding at 347 million dirhams. The average amount of new loans fell in 53,000 DH in 2018 to 53,000 DH in 2017.

The majority of new unlimited credits differ from 64% to 71% depending on & # 39; an age of a borrower. Car loans are between 10% and 15% and household appliances loans between 13% and 20%. The demand for consumer credit in 2018 was 40% contracted by people aged 50 and older, while those of 30 years counted only 10%.

As far as salary indicators are concerned, people who earn less than 4,000 DH are 36% of borrowers, while people earn more than 10,000 DH per month for 22%. Thus, in 2018, employees and officials had 49% and 34% respectively consumer credit. These are mainly distributed in Casablanca (30%) and Rabat (19%).

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