Saturday , February 27 2021

Are women less well cared for than men?

Women seem to be more affected than men by health scandals and we explain why.

In Wait a minute !, Sidonie Bonnec is interested in a health scandal that is too often ignored. Dépakine, Mediator, Distilbène, Levothyrox and more recently Androcur have particularly affected women. Dolphin farmer is co-author of the book “Ill Treatments. Why Women Are Badly Hilled” and she has some explanations.

Women excluded from clinical trials

You do not have to have studied medicine to see that there are obvious physiological differences. We can then easily imagine that very different organisms do not have quite the same reaction to a molecule. If a medicine in a large number of cases has the same effect on a man as a woman, it can happen that the consequences are much more dramatic.

Women are underrepresented in clinical trials

Dolphin farmer notes that, since antiquity, science was first thought by men and for men. For example, women are in the minority in clinical trials, these test protocols that still need to identify the adverse effects of a molecule.

If a drug is intended for a mixed population, the group of patients serving as guinea pigs is for the most part male. In the absence of a large enough female sample, certain side effects are only discovered after the medicine has been put into circulation.

Repeated scandals

In the fifties and sixties, the thalidomide scandal arose after numerous malformations appeared in newborn babies. Therefore, the pharmaceutical sector decides to exclude women from clinical trials, in order to protect them. This includes in particular the prevention of the discovery of more or less long-term complications in future pregnancies.

Looking back, Dolphin farmer hypothesizes that this protective measure may have been counterproductive for women and their fetuses. For example, they are excluded from clinical trials dealing with AIDS or the prevention of infarction.

As a result, the public is unaware that the symptoms of a heart attack are different in men and women, as detailed. Dolphin farmer at the microphone of Sidonie Bonnec.

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