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An ultra-slim facial against cough allergy

Except for the pain, an injury can be very dangerous in case of allergy to the hymenopteran vein. To prevent these reactions, Australian researchers * have developed an amplified version of the existing fax.

The recipe tests with 27 allergic volunteers? The use of a sugar, Advax, as an adjuvant. The latter is intended to "help the body to neutralize the vein of fast". Up to now, according to Pr Nikolai Petrovsky, more than a thousand people benefited from this fax.

"This approach is like placing a turbo on a car's engine, which makes the binge-allergy vaccine much more potent. The immune system is much more effective at (…) allergic symptoms occur. "

Besides effective, this technique is also less restrictive for patients. So far, the only existing therapy, called desensitization, is based on 50 injections spread over 3 years "to build the immune system. Current treatments for allergy are long and heavy."

Advax is also used in vaccines against "grab, hepatitis, malaria, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and other illnesses".

What to do in case of allergies?

The main symptoms of allergy to bees are tingling, feeling sick, dizziness, problems with breathing, swelling of lips, throat or eyes. But also dislikes, vomiting as generalized urticaria. These comments require immediate consultation in the reporting room.

If you have an allergy history, always keep an epinephrine auto-injection on you. This device is based on adrenaline to fight against anaphylactic shock. Click here to learn more about the reflexes that you should accept.

Note: Cure allergy affects 1% of one population.

* Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

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