Friday , February 3 2023

An American media outlet is doing crazy business with Nicolas Batum


While the season will soon resume its rights, the American media Bleacher Report was happy to introduce them to what some acts might look like early in the season. Nicolas Batum worries, but rest assured: the proposal is clearly crazy …

The NBA world never really stops spinning, and no one is safe for a Woj bomb like a Shams bomb – in short, an unexpected trade that comes out of nowhere. For this reason, many media and journalists play the magician’s student and try to guess, anticipate and predict what transfers may appear during the season.

In this regard, Bleacher Report has released a new batch of “mock trades”, one of which has attracted particular attention … but not for the right reasons. It’s about Nicolas Batum, in a crazy deal based on an agreement between Boston and the Clippers.

Bleacher Report releases WTF trading idea for Batum

It’s the worst I’ve ever seen, why would the Clippers do that?

Clippers host: Dennis Schröder

The Celtics receive: Nicolas Batum, a 2nd round of Draft 2022

Indeed, there is not much wrong here. To begin with, Nicolas Batum is hardly recommended by the Clippers. The Frenchman has shown his loyalty to the California franchise by refusing to make any progress this summer, and his role as a Swiss Army knife, unique to Tyronn Lue’s team, is too valuable to be overlooked.

Then, why would the Clippers put their eyes on Schröder, even though they have Reggie Jackson and Eric Bledsoe? The hypothetical trade no longer makes sense in Boston, where the wings are already busy Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown or Josh Richardson – even the style of Batum could still bring in Massachusetts.

Let’s take advantage of this risky proposal from Bleacher Report to recall that, apart from disaster and great unforeseen circumstances, Batman went on to complete a whole new season on the side of the Clippers. Appreciated by the fanbase, skilled player and essential tooth or almost in the machine, the tricolor has only one wish: to play the NBA Finals for the first time in his career. And that’s all the evil we wish him.

Bleacher Report has lost some trace by offering a trade that does not really make sense, especially for Nicolas Batum and his franchise. The Clipper Nation can sleep soundly!

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