Thursday , January 20 2022

Akhchichine is blood by Benchemass, rifle at the PAMistes


Kiosque360. WFP government has decided to force the President of Marrakesh Safi to send him a fortune. This decision is distributed by many party leaders who invade the SG for counting "collective punishment".

No one is better off with WFP. In fact, the party has an extensive explosive situation that causes it to work at every moment, reports it daily Assabah in his edition of the weekend of 24 and 25 November.

Serious protests were recently filed within the party after the decisions were made by the new secretary-general Hakim Benchemass, the guilty court he directed to the leader and chairman of the regional council of Marrakesh-Safi, Ahmed Akhchichine . The droplet of water that can swallow the surface.

The newspaper reports that the former leader of the parliamentary group of # 39; The party in the first room, Abdellatif Ouahbi, does not have to say that the board of # to accuse the origins of these tensions.

The decision to earn Akhchichin, said the deputy, is an unruly action and is widespread by many leaders and leaders of the party, according to which the President of the # 39; the region of Marrakech-Safi in a man of State ", that has not done any transaction would be such a" center ".

In addition, the former head of the parliamentary group, other members, including the first rank rank, also in & # 39; the region of Agadir and Errachidia considered and the question of 'organizational situation of # 39; the party in this region. Regions – there are private authorities, further, indirectly by internal conflicts.

According to the newspaper, the MP would have tried to cooperate with the leadership of the party to achieve the spirits, but the secretary general would close the door to place all problems on mediation, "before the organizational problems of a party in some cities by taking sanctions against everyone ".

In addition, the paper population decides to celebrate the holiday office on this Saturday, in agreement with a decision on the last meeting of this body on October 27.

The secretary general summoned all members to attend this important meeting, reports Assabah. In fact, it is included in & # 39; the agenda the question of & # 39; the structure of & quot; the federal office and the investigation of the report of a disciplinary commission and the results of ' the objections to promote the election of the political bureau.

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