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AKAA: Africas Honor in 2018


At a time when modern art in Africa is experiencing a boom in the art market, "it is also known as Africa" ​​is more than fair. The AKAA Underground program introduces a broader curatorial project: a new way of thinking about African art.

Africa and "Global South"

Victoria Mann AKAA Director

The attack angle of AKAA founder Victoria Mann was to differentiate continental terrain. This 3ElectronicPan is, therefore, an invitation to make Africa an anchor to deliberate the links that link the world with the passage of time.

It is not surprising to admire the photographs of Kyu Sang Lee of Korean origin or to wander the monumental installation of Cuban artist Susana Pilar " Lo that abuela contaba … "(What grandmother was saying …). I first settled in Cape Town. The second honors his Middle-African family heritage. Finally, AKAA 2018 proposes a new mapping method for this contemporary artistic scene and the mutual influence of the Southern Hemisphere.

AKAA Underground: Laboratory of Accidents and Art Practices

Again this year, AKAA resumes AKAA Underground to enrich the visitor experience at Level -1 at Carreau du Temple. The lab is also a space created by the collaboration of Brukerabe master bronzers and French designers and signed by Maison Integrate.

This space serves a la carte cuisine at Dalila Dalléas Bouzar: Studio Paris. For this performance, the artist leaves the traditional façade of the canvas to paint the body and the ground in ceremonies celebrating the ancestral ceremony, and places it in the fair.

Finally, there is also AKAA Encounters in the basement of the temple tiles. AKAA Encounters provides a rich cultural program for the theme "Global South Connections" and a meeting around the arts cultural exchange network.

Various discoveries

How can you talk about "African art" in situations where it is so difficult to compare the works of artists from Tunisia, Congo and South Africa? It has a common base, but not everyone has the same artistic heritage.

Thus, Amani Bodo (Angalia Gallery), the son of Congolese and painter Pierre Bodo, had a strong influence on Congolese folk painting but pointed to his father, Chéri Samba and Chéri Chérin, one of the great representatives. But he also invested in popular universes as well as: more dreamlike surreal themes built around his own personal poetry.

Louis Vuitton Sappers, Amani Bodo, 2017, acrylic canvas, 120 x 168 cm

Meanwhile, Yassine Balbzioui (Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery) is still living in Marrakech while growing up. However, he deals with subjects that go far beyond the borders of his own country, such as masks. His subject is a subject that is repeated. He gladly uses this to question the concept of truth and hypocrisy. According to the artist, we suppress our society.

In fact, the challenge of this fair is to discover the art of Africa. Discovering Africa, especially in the aesthetics and ideology of Africa, will allow you to fully participate in the modern international art market. And the bet is successful!

Mahou Swe Jossier

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AKAA 2018 – Africa – 3rd edition – Vanessa Humpries Temple Tile

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