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9th edition of Casablanca Theater


9th edition of Casablanca Theater

The Casablanca Theater announces two new comedies!

  • "Toc Toc": Thursday, December 13th
  • "The parakeet" : Thursday, January 31, 2019

Since mid-September, Les Théâtrales de Casablancers presenting a theater, comedy and humor offered by the show Alil Vardar "How can you be a friend? And the strange play " Never the second night ", What is sold!

9e edition of Theatrical Casablanca remains in the same time with two new things: the audience will begin again on Thursday, December 13th with the cult of Laurent Baffie "Toc Toc"; and Thursday, January 31, 2019 with Audrey Schebat's comedy "La Perruche", with Barbara Schulz and Arié Elmaleh.

Toc Toc, the cultivation of Laurent Baffie

King of quirky gag and tribute reputed, especially known from his hidden camera, and TV and radio shows, Laurent Baffie is also director of various plays and one man show.

"Toc click", made by the writer in 2005, is one of his greatest successes. The game is played over two and a half years in France to export and soon become an international success. First off in Quebec and Belgium, it is also translated and adapted for theater and film in Spain.

In this room we follow an hour and a half small group of people, who waits for a consultation with the overriding neuro-psychiatrist. Star. Her illness? Obsessive Compulsive Disorders of "OCD". These problems are, the worst, in a "slaughter society! From the famous syndrome Gilles Tourette (uncontrolled delinquency), after thearithmomania (Always calculate and analyze you all), or the inability to walk around the rules, the audience has something to do!

The six patients who had to wait in the waiting room had to wait monthly to get an appointment. The clock goes, but Dr. Star does not come yet. Patients then decide to deceive the sufferer by attempting to better know each other and leading them into making a repetition type. Attract the OCDs, yourself and yourself in the office of this doctor always!

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Toc Toc is performed by Georges Beller, Arsene Mosca, Isabelle Pean, Tatiana Gousseff, Marion Lahmer, Benjamin Baffie and Floriane Chappe.

An unsuccessful comedy, a ping-pong dialogue, an unexpected and arbitrary final spin, Knock Knock is a success of grassroots and laughter guaranteed. The seven actors make you a good time!

"The parakeet," a romantic and comical duet posted by Audrey Schebat

Comedy is very tasty and decorative, "The parakeet" Together quickly, duo Barbara Schulz and Arié Elmaleh. The two actors give each other the answer to the audience by the whole feeling of feeling; Drama, taste, laughter, charm … A play written by a sculptor with a sharp and acuity of words that the writer and director Audrey Schebat makes a kind of Jules Renard today and feminist.

" The parakeet Replaces the story of a few waiting for food for dinner, but they will never come … They want. Speak of absent and the evening turns sour! Is it an accident, a divorce, a burglary? To find out the reasons for these failures, put the man and woman about the couple of their friends.

Naturally, the woman defended her friend Catherine and the man of his colleague David. In the confrontation of their radical counterparts, they will use absurd misunderstandings and intellectual open spaces, demanding that demand, without realizing, the foundations of their own.

There is manipulation, unreliable questions, and a lot of wit and happiness. We are under the adjustment of both performers. We smile, we laugh, we are moved. What more can you ask?

See you there:

  • On Thursday, December 13th, 2018: "Toc Toc"
  • On Thursday, January 31, 2019: "The parakeet", at Megarama Casablanca

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