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09:13 – Nissan: The scandal threatened to spread, Ghosn is still in detention


According to media reports, the Japanese court ruled for the protection of Carlos Ghosn, almighty boss of the world of # 39; the prestigious Renault Nissan Mitsubishi car, while the scandal threatened to conquer the traffic, he was accused of accusations. Individual title to get Nissan's full board.

The Tokyo court has decided on Wednesday to expel Carlos Ghosn from 10 days to further investigate the faith of financial transactions, according to Japanese media reports.

Summarized by AFP, the court and the court building found that they have no problems with this kind of decision on a particular matter.

The director of the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Motors alliance was arrested Monday in Tokyo. The law enforces the Franco-Libano Brazilian "to minimize its compensation five times between June 2011 and June 2015", a statement of 4.9 billion yen (approximately 37 million euros) of almost 10 billion yen.

One of his assists, Greg Kelly, again arrested again, also saw his expansion period from 10 days to 30 November, according to the media.

Earlier in the day, the press message said that Nissan's current headquarters, Hiroto Saikawa, contained the case on the & # 39; the press on Monday evening, and earlier Nissan number two Nissan Toshiyuki Suga have to be heard. by the researchers.

The Nissan group may also be a legal entity.

The election finds, according to the analysis, that if it is guilty, the responsibility lies with the company: it is indeed the authorities have incorporated financial documents there. Mr. Ghosn an important part shared by his revenue.

Persons involved in any material may be a liable in any case of cooperation with the law in accordance with a recent law that was used only in some cases for the time being.

– Bolloré with joysticks –

On the French side, Renault has called on the name of company Thierry Bolloré on Tuesday, replacing Carlos Ghosn, deserving of the CEO.

Mr. Bolloré, 55, chose Ghosn when his right hand in February of February, became a "preliminary" administrative board of a group and would therefore have "same powers" as the CEO "temporarily prevented ".

The main requirement for the French manufacturer is to "retain the interests of Renault and guarantee the sustainability of" alliance "with the Japanese manufacturers Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors.

Nissan's board of directors is expected to settle on Thursday on a proposal to expel its chairman. And Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) plans to "quickly dismiss" a council that will be held next week, according to a spokesman for the company

Tuesday demanded Renault's director of Nissan "to send him all the information in his possession as part of the internal investigations that Mr. Ghosn was subjected to," and said he could not "rule" on the material Nissan and the Japanese judiciary authorities against Mr. Ghosn must have ".

– Fragile balance –

Beyond the personal lot of Mr. Ghosn, it's the complete ally Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors, he has set the fragile balance, the # 39 in the background of this thunderstorm.

The case comes in a time when the CEO of all 10.6 million cars worked, according to the Financial Times, a merger between Renault and Nissan, a surgery that the Japanese manufacturer refused and tried to keep for fear that It does not write in its margin its "second order" status in & # 39; the structure, always according to the daily.

Mr Ghosn wanted to make the left "unrepeatable" between Renault and Nissan, commenting on a note Kentaro Harada, an analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities.

"We can not exclude the possibility that the alliance will weaken." "Will this change the balance of power (between the French and Japanese) is the main problem," he said.

The rating agency Standard and Poor's also announced Tuesday that it was considered to reduce the valuation of Nissan's long-standing debt, as it was the special doubt

this marriage with three.

Reassure to reassure, the French and Japanese governments Tuesday afternoon included in a joint statement their "important support" to the alliance. The titles of 'three companies fled to the announcement of # 39; The arrest, but Nissan's shares are not Wednesday.

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