Monday , November 29 2021

You will be nominated for your favorite Steam Awards 2018


Everyone has come to the right conclusion that the momentum of reconciliation and the majority of the video's are in the process as well as in the distant parts, the Steam comunity will be able to nominate a list of titles that consider the most important of 2018. This is a great gift for the Steam Awards, the nominal platoon is available.

Ayer, Steam started with the nomination for the Steam Awards 2018, premiums that will reconnect to the video galleries that have been added to the PC's favorite platform. As a previous one, the premium format is featured in the nomination form that allows the jugadores to express their preferences in terms of the available categories and, afterwards, an evaluation committee revises the nominations and determines the 5 juegos that integrate the nomination definitiva en cada categoría. Así pues, the Steam jugadores have been invited by the platform to include their nominations, which will be recompensed with an insignia segment of the number of complains, that the users can get the symbol to nominate a title, nominate a the game and the category, the word algorithm is nominated by the letters and describes the actualization of the word of their favors.

The Steam Awards 2012 categorized by:


Juego del Año

Juego VR del Año

Con Amor y Dedicación

Mejor Desarrollador

Mejor Entorno

Mejor Juego con Amigos

Mejor Historia Alternativa

More Divertido con una Máquina

The nomination date is for the fans of 21 on November 27 and the only bastard that will be added to your interest and participation in the future.


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