Tuesday , November 30 2021

With this trick, you can listen to your WhatsApp audios before they send them


Mexico City.- There is a trick WhatsApp You can listen to the voice messages before you send them, which is useful if you want to display the audio of a message, and, if you do not want it, delete it.

De vote In WhatsApp, they are one of the most used features for the text that you can not currently write, so you have set different plans features You can improve ours experience, in that case, we see a trunk that consists of interrupting e take up a voice note to view it.

To listen to a voice message, you can enter the conversation where you want to send the note, press the icon microphone From lower right corner if you send a normal voice note, you will see the picture and you will see a preview.

Take the message and leave the conversation, go to the main menu or close the application, go back to the chat and you will see your voice message where you're writing, where you can listen and decide or to send or remove.

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