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We have to have a better 11: Tuca & # 39;


For the Mexican football club has the opportunity to play against rivals or Argentina, it is necessary to have a higher level at the international level, said Brazilian coach Ricardo Ferretti.

"It's a topic we've talked about and that many people know, the problem that our players have, we have to be an international player 11," he said to a press conference after the 2-0 defeated by the "Tri".

He commented that "at all stages of a Mexican national team have always had the same thing, we have a good deal and have always plagued the same thing, there are good players but to realize what is meant, the level and international friction, they need to increase much more. "

"You have to have a better 11, we do not know how to play with all intensities and hope that these talents we still have the opportunity that more players get out," he said.

He emphasizes that, besides more, more parties are needed, far beyond comfort, with roles demanding those who are in matches like a World Cup.

"It is the importance of everyone, this is the ability to play these games in these two matches in Argentina, realizing the players that they are not in possession of the best matches with the most friendly matches. They had them, "he said.

He has thought that between Mexico and Argentina "there is a deficit difference, to be exported and the other is an importer of players, so we see a difference, we hope these players reach the level we want to allege ".

"We have to do what Argentina, Brazil and Uruguayans, with the large number of players sending you to the world, join us and hope we have this opportunity to make them more serious decisions in ' Mexican football must be done to reach this level, "he said.

About the duvel tonight, stated that the representative Aztec had a better adequate compared to last Friday.

"Yes, we've improved in what, in possession of bullet, in recreation, but it was very nice, in 180 minutes, except for the last game in the first Half, I felt Argentina was a bit longer, the second was very up to now The team was really good for the whole period. "

We have to have a better 11:

The coach of the Mexican national team, Ricardo Ferretti, looks at players in a friendly match against Argentina in Mendoza.

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