Wednesday , October 20 2021

“We are preparing for this process,” said Inés Gómez Mont after learning of an arrest warrant against her.


After it became known that there was a arrest order against host Ines Gómez Mont, placed them on her account Instagram a text in which it ensures that there is no evidence to justify such information.

Therefore, he assures that he is preparing for this process and that he will maintain his all Rights.

He also accused the media of presenting “partially and painfully leaked information.”

“We did not have access to that assignment or to the tests to justify it, “the statement said.

He also thanked the demonstrators for their support and promised to keep his followers informed about “this sad and painful situation.”

Arrest warrant

An arrest warrant was issued against Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga for organized crime, corruption, the use of false invoices.

The former driver is the niece of Fernando Gómez Mont, former Secretary of the Interior in the Government of Felipe Calderon and her husband was used to enter low-income business men and open bank accounts.

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