Saturday , November 27 2021

Volatility will continue for the rest of the time, Biva said.


General director Institutional stock market (Biva), María Ariza said financial market volatility will continue due to related internal and external conditions. "TWe have an international framework that is complex and will affect the market during the rest of the year."He stressed.

Within the framework of the stock certificate ceremony Real creditThe board said that despite the complex environment, many companies are interested. Find funding in the stock market..

"Companies are committed to the country even in times of volatility, so we expect to have more emissions from agricultural products, technology, real estate, logistics and finance, such as Sofomes," he said.

This guideline Biva has maintained a diverse approach with the following government implementation teams.With the intention to cooperate within their capabilities, we "had two very productive and constructive meetings […] nWe hope that Viva will contribute to strengthening the economy."He said.

At Crédito Real's loan placement event, Biva said he will continue to support SMEs as a commitment to financial and stock market participation.

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