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Today’s Games: Puebla vs. Cruz Azul: Summary, Results and Goals of Day 10 of the Apertura 2021 Match


Final result: Puebla 1-1 Cruz Azul | League MX – Game day 10 Apertura 2021

Min 96 | Stinks 1-1 CA |The match ends !!!

The Puebla Strip and the Cruz Azul Machine end up drawing a 1-1 draw in your commitment within Day 10 of Apertura 2021.

Thank you very much for following the match with us and do not miss any information from the MX League Only for NOTE Claro.

Min 90 | Stinks 1-1 CA | The referee adds six minutes of compensation

Min 87 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Cruz Azul performs a few moves. Rafael Baca and Orbelín Pineda leave, Walter Montoya and José Joaquín Martínez join.

Min 81 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Multiple changes in Puebla. George Corral, Gustavo Ferrareis and Daniel Álvarez leave, Alberto Herrera, Emilio Martínez and Amaury Escoto join.

Min 79 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Those who just failed Puebla !!!

The Puebla Strip forgets the machine a few times and lets the advantage slip away.

A shot in the area by Gustavo Ferrareis manages to be deflected, but remains alive in the area. It is then that the image of Daniel Alvarez, who does not make good contact, and eventually sends the ball over the goal.

Seconds appear later Guillermo Martinez with a powerful header, which is rejected on the line by Jesus Corona with two hands.

This is how Bryan Angulo celebrated the equalizer …

Min 72 | Stinks 1-1 CA | The Cruz Azul makes a new modification. Adrián Aldrete leaves and Roberto Alvarado replaces him.

Min 64 | Stinks 1-1 CA | New change of sweet potatoes. Pablo Parra leaves and Guillermo Martínez enters.

Min 63 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Cruz Azul forgets again !!!

Jonathan Rodríguez shoots, but his effort was never close to hitting the target.

The ball remains alive in the area, and Santiago Gimenez It ends up being completely deconstructed. The ball goes over the bar.

Min 62 | Stinks 1-1 CA | The machine prints …

Jonathan Rodriguez He takes a cross from the left wing, but can not find a shot in the area. The heavenly fanatic he asked for a penalty on Juan Escobar, but no sanction is indicated.

Min 60 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Double modification of the Cruz Azul. Bryan Angulo and Guillermo Fernández leave, Jonathan Rodríguez and Santiago Giménez join

Min 57 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Free shot of a part of Diego de Buen, which is rejected by Jesus crowns with pitch to the grass to the right.

Min 54 | Stinks 1-1 CA | First modification of the Puebla. Sale Lucas Maia and entrance Maximiliano Araújo.

Min 54 | Stinks 1-1 CA |Yoshimar Yotún fouls Christian Tabó and wins the second yellow card. The machine plays with 10 elements.

Min 52 | Stinks 1-1 CA |Pablo Parra he tried to surprise with influence of the first intention. His ball was cut and ended above the goal

This was Rivero’s failure in the heavenly realm …

Min 45 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Start the complementary part in between Puebla and Cruz Azul, inside the 10th date of Opening 2021.

Min 48 | Stinks 1-1 CA | We’re going to locker rooms !!!

With goals from Pablo Parra and Bryan Angulo,Puebla and Cruz Azul they are the first 45 minutes of their commitment within game day 10 of Apertura 2021.

Min 45 | Stinks 1-1 CA | The referee adds three minutes of compensation

Bryan Angulo finds a reward for his efforts in the heavenly attack …

Min 39 | Stinks 1-1 CA | The first yellow card of the match appears. It’s for Yoshimar Yotún, from Cruz Azul.

Min 39 | Stinks 1-1 CA | The one who missed Angulo !!!

A great play by Guillermo Fernandez ends in a low pass to the area where it arrives Bryan Angulo to top it off. The Ecuadorian hits, however, sends the ball to the base of the left post.

Min 37 | Stinks 1-1 CA | Goooooal by Cruz Azuuuuuul !!!

A great play by Cruz Azul in the area ends with a somewhat slow pass from Luis Romo. Bryan Angulo makes some bad contact, but enough to glue one of the segments to Silva’s right post.

Min 32 | Stinks 1-0 CA | The machine stays on the front …

Center down is the left wing headed by Bryan Angulo In the surroundings. The auction is about the local purpose.

Relive the goal of La Franja …

Min 24 | Stinks 1-0 CA | The one who just lost the Blue !!!

Juan Escobar a powerful filter pass is sent to the right side. Ignacio Rivero reaches the area to close the clamp; and without a scoreboard and with Silva in the middle of the distance, he ends up sending the ball through the side of the right post.

Min 22 | Stinks 1-0 CA | The Blue appears again. Rivero takes a filtered pass through the left wing, however Bryan Angulo it fails to end up comfortably in the area.

Min 21 | Stinks 1-0 CA | Close to Blue !!!

Course in the Puebla area is spectacularly lowered by Antony Silva. Counter-attacking seemed to be the preferred strategy of Ignacio Rivero.

It’s a Puebla celebration, before the cement disbelief …

Min 12 | Stinks 1-0 CA | Gooooooal fan Pueblaaaaaa !!!

Gustavo Ferrareis penetrates the area of ​​the right side and manages to take a powerful shot, that Jesus crowns refuses to the center of the area. Daniel Alvarez he meets the rebound and takes a broken shot, which Pablo Parra He manages to bend with a hip movement in the direction of goal.

The play, of course, took place, but the VAR validates the action, so that the goal goes up to the electronic.

Min 10 | Stinks 0-0 CA | The Machine retains possession of the ball, and much of the game takes place in Puebla, however, they can not develop dangerous actions.

Min 3 | Stinks 0-0 CA | Ignacio Rivero takes a shot center, which ends in the hands of Antony Silva.

Min 0 | Stinks 0-0 CA | Hostilities begin between the Puebla Strip and the Cruz Azul Machine, in actions of your commitment within Day 10 of Apertura 2021.

This is the lineup that Juan Reynoso sends to the lawn of Cuauhtémoc in search of his second victory.

The heavenly fans do not miss the opportunity to support their team upon their arrival in the stadium

For date 11 Cruz Azul will receive the current Leagues Cup champion, the Emeralds of Leon, while Puebla de Rojinegros del Atlas.

The camoteros will go out with the next eleven to seek the victory at home …

Game day 10 Apertura 2021

  • Pachuca 1-0 Necaxa
  • Xolos vs Mazatlan | Friday 24 September | 9:06 p.m.
  • Atlas vs Leon | Saturday 25 September | 5:00 p.m.
  • Tigers vs Pumas | Saturday 25 September | 19:00
  • America vs Chivas | Saturday 25 September | 21:00 hours
  • Toluca vs San Luis | Sunday 26 September | 12:00 p.m.
  • Santos vs Monterrey | Sunday 26 September | 19:06 o’clock
  • FC Juárez vs Querétaro | October 8 | 19:00

This is what the Cuauhtémoc Stadium looks like, minutes before the game against heaven …

Previous results

The Puebla Strip comes after a 1-1 draw as a visitor against Santos Laguna, while Cruz Azul’s Machine defeated Gallos de Querétaro 2-0 at the Azteca

Welcome to the football party !!!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. The activity of day 10 of Apertura 2021 it is reactivated Friday, September 24, and it reaches the Cuauhtémoc Stadium where the Puebla Strip will do the honor to the current champion, the Cruz Azul machine.

After an irregular start, the heavens seem to be improving the way, and now it will seek to turn positive results to get into the fight for the top positions; while triumphs did not accompany the camoteros; situation they hope to return home to this Friday.

A duel full of tradition is the one that does not wait in Angelopolis, and we invite you to follow all the incidents of the game in our traditional MINUTE BY MINUTE in MARCA Claro.


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