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Thus, almost 20 hours of blockade took place in Mexico-Pachuca.


This is how the containment lived in Mexico-Pachuca.

This is how the containment was in Pachuca, Mexico. screenshot


Yesterday morning, way Mexico – Pachuca dawned blocked. Around 200 migrants flocked around the village of San Juanico in Rio de Janeiro.

near by 2:00 PM A group of hooded men joined the blockade and hacked the Aurrera store.

At the same time they are stone. They burned the patrols. Public transport in Mexico City that is blocked.

A The police officer was right.But a group of inhabitants protected it to protect it.

The residents ordered themselves to avoid damage to the property in an orderly manner, arrested the predators and sent them back to the store.

in 3:00 pm Settlers began to prepare for police intervention to stop the blockade.

It was around. 6:30 pm Element Federal police After the conversation, they shut down the highway.

After the 19-hour blockade, the road Mexico-Pachuca was released.

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Take the Mexico-Pachuca Expressway for free after a 20-hour blockade.

Mexico – Resuming vehicle circulation in Pachuca

Police in San Juanico were also assaulted by their comrades.

51 investigation folders launched by assault in San Juanico

Police are picked up from Mexico – Pachuca with sticks and stones.

The federal police officer, without incident,

Significant economic loss due to the blockade of Mexico-Pachuca

Marriage describes the police invasion in San Juan Ixhuatepec.

Mexico – Pachuca begins to operate freely

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