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This is Nintendo's guys to monetize videos (and images) with their content


Nintendo is in a heady situation: the filtration and distribution of a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimately two weeks after her start has a series of rights claims in all types of platforms and diffusal channels.

Previously it corresponds to the announcement of the Creator Program, which takes place in December. However, it is true that Great N has not provided facilities to monitored content and playable material outside of this program on YouTube and other related media. At least hitherto.

Through its official website, Nintendo has offered a guide to a dual purpose: to mark some guidelines in terms of writers and at the same time offer a solution so that any video can be monitored and monitors with their games. Y There are nuances that are being interpreted:

The main thing is that it will lead to users. I mean, Consumers on the individual level of a product (game) of Nintendo. In this way, professional media or other legal entities are derived, which have their own directives and agreements.


On the other hand, the Play's video's and the reviews and analysis of video games are within the scope of & # 39; guidelines. So it is possible to offer content from any Nintendo games and monetize it, including live broadcasts, as long as this signed creative reactions.

It could not be permitted to download and download an existing Nintendo video, as well as play images without any creative contribution of their own, just as it does with a copy of the content sent by another person is made.

The floral copies of promotional camps, tournaments, music soundtracks, games and games and Nintendo art collections are outside the scope of the guidelines.

Opening 'door' to expand or modify the list, the approved monetary channels are the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Facebook – by Facebook Gaming Creators, Facebook-level program.
  • Niconico Douga / Niconico Live – Through the Niconico Creators program, Niconico Channel.
  • OPENREC.tv – by the program OPENREC Creators.
  • Twitch – Through the Twitch Affiliate program and the Twitch partner program.
  • Twitter – by the program – Amplify Publisher.
  • YouTube – by the YouTube-partner program.

In addition, within the above channels, the use of Nintendo licenses for commercial features excludes, and also those that contain official content of Nintendo itself, that have been altered, illegal or unrelated.

An example of 'last' is the mods Super Smash Bros. Melee, or the revisions trick of each game Pokemon, but also the content that was illegal or illegal.

In other words, a content that is the intellectual property of Nintendo and

  • Laws of application of laws.
  • Nintendo's rights belong to spiritual property.
  • Custom features of Nintendo's pirate software.

It's outside this frame, so not only do not meet the requirements to monetize, but it is experimented, depending on the type of content that Nintendo makes a request for withdrawal due to copyright.

The six Nintendo guidelines

Then you offer the text with all the guidelines offered by the Great N to monetize its content.

Every day we feel in love with your loyalty and suffering for the games, characters and worlds of Nintendo, and for love there you want to share parts of your own photos and create original images with the content of our games.

Long we follow some basic rules, we will not attempt to use game screens and / or screenshots of 'Nintendo games that Nintendo has the copyright ("Nintendo Game Content") within the content that you have is made for matching video channels and images:

  • It is possible to monetize video and channels using the monetary methods indicated by Nintendo. Other means of monetizing our intellectual property for commercial purposes are not permitted.

  • We encourage you to make videos that contain your comments and creative content. No video or pictures with simple copies of Nintendo Game Content without creative input or comments would be permitted. Now you can post your gameplays videos and screenshots with the features of the Nintendo system, such as the Nintendo button button, without additional contributions or comments.

  • Only Nintendo game content that is officially published, or promotional officially published by Nintendo (like product or Nintendo Directives) is permitted.

  • If you want to use the intellectual property of a third party, it must be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits.

  • It is not allowed to explain or explain that your video is officially connected or sponsored by Nintendo.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any content we deem incorrect, the judicial authority is not so much or just does not match these Guidelines.

At this point, What happens with games events and tournaments? From the beginning, when making an event, the organizer desires its own arrangements by direct agreements with Nintendo. Passing or downloading Nintendo game content within an authorized tournament or organized by Nintendo is considered in the field of guidelines and topic of her.

Ultimately, it is a series of guidelines can be updated and updated, with what Nintendo advises to ask her.


Nintendo supports the foundation Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in all aspects and, especially, tries to deal with the delay. But he also recuperates his copyright policy, which should not be expressed.

There may be too many nuances to speak, but the door opens to play Zelda's games: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2 … and what's next.

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