Friday , August 12 2022

This is a secret, so your phone battery lasts for a long time.


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Turning off Wi-Fi, reducing screen brightness, or even exiting your app is the most common method. Your phone It will render for much longer Google Point out a small way to stop the phone from running out.

In a session with Google's application developer Android, The company showed Your app can use your phone battery for a longer time by using different colors.; So he Ambiguous mode o Dark mode.

What is this? By default, many applications, such as YouTube and Twitter, White instead of black background.

How does this battery help? More black pixels reduce the power required to illuminate colored lights on the screen. OLED.

To prove this, the company uses Pixel Dark mode It consumes less battery. More than those filled with bright colors.

Why does it only work on OLED screens?

Unlike the LCD screen display OLEDs have to turn on each pixel, while LCD technology uses a backlight to illuminate all the pixels at once.

In this way, OLED screens do not need to illuminate pixels and provide much deeper tones, so they can provide better resolution and brighter colors, including black.

This trick It works on all phones with OLED screens.Supports the latest models such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, Note 9 and latest iPhone models.


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