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The UNAM bus is burning with 45 students.


November 9, 2018

This case should have occurred around 7 pm this Friday.


On Friday, 183 + 200 km from the Totonox-Tijuatlan highway in northern Veracruz, UNAM buses fired with machine crashes with 45 passengers.

According to local journalist Xeu, students went to Tuxpan Harbor and performed the dynamics. There were no victims to regret.

UNAM's School of Engineering students boarded the Bus of the 2004 model Escania model with the company name Turísticos Aguilar of the 997RV2 of the Federal Auto-Transport Service.

Also after finding out that there was smoke from behind the engine, the driver parked on the road side of the highway before arriving at the Totomoxtle tollgate.

The driver, identified as 68-year-old José Sandoval Flores, told authorities that he had a tire and found out the sound, but he began to clean half of the bus lines and wiring in the fire. What did you do?

CAPUFE Emergency Service staff has arrived. Due to fire extinguishers, the fire was very advanced, so I spent a lot of time, so firefighters were asked to attend. The bus was completely burned. Emergency agencies also came to the scene.

In this regard, Raul Colirado Martinez, City Civil Affairs Commissioner, explained that no one was injured because all the passengers were safely managed, even though all accidents occurred at the moment.

It is presumed that a mechanical failure of the electrical system caused the bus fire that caused the fire.

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