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The True Story of Elon Musk


DF interviewed YouTube, which moved Wall Street analysts at the last Tesla Results meeting that bugged Elon Musk. Surprisingly, Garileo Rusell talked to the car manager for more than 30 minutes and now he analyzes us with Musk.

In early May, Elon Musk arrived at the Tesla Results Conference. The world's largest electric car manufacturer recorded the worst loss in history. In just three months, he spent $ 1 billion on cash spending. This is the third time in a year.

The atmosphere was nervous. Musk looked tired before the controversy. Analysts plunged to solve even the smallest problems on the production line. The CEO who was born in South Africa was angry. "These questions are too dry, they are killing me," he complained.

Suddenly he did something unexpected. He said, "Let's go to YouTube." He took control of the conference room and offered an uninformed floor to thousands of followers on Wall Street and the video platform for unknown young people.

The act was severely dropped among the financial elite, and the next day, the CEO 's misconduct was retaliated by accusing it of causing the collapse of its behavior, representing risk.

Since Elon Musk is at the forefront of digital convergence, the future vision has become a global phenomenon because it can embody the spirit of a new economy. And his attitude, less interested in profits than liberating the revolution, made him a hero of millions of fans all over the world (see box).

But the style is getting more and more tense with the more traditional Wall Street division and shareholder sharing. The break at the conference was not the only controversy or worst, but it was a good example of the effects Musk's destructive forces are bringing on the financial sector.

Galileo Russell was a privilege witness of the episode. When the musical group was bored by the analysts, he gave him the floor and he was talking with him for the next 30 minutes. The 25-year-old did not belong to the group. Even without an MBA or traditional financial education, he has a genuine passion for investment starting at the age of 14. After launching his campaign on social networks, he received support from 150 shareholders to enter the conference. Still surprised by the repercussions, he agreed to talk to Diario Financiero about the reason for the conversation with the Musk, the longstanding praise of the businessman, and the betting on Tesla.

– What do you think about the role that Elon Musk is currently discussing?

– Elon is unique because Tesla is a company that moves on its mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and transportation. It is not a motive for making money. It makes Tesla such a powerful brand. No other automaker has it.

– There is criticism of management, but nobody talks about talents that create billions of dollars worth of companies. How can you do it?

– I have three keys. The first is to think about everything about the basic principles of physics. This is a very different framework and has enabled us to build our company on the basis of technological advances. Second, he works 100 hours a week, sleeps at the factory, and does anything to get what he wants. It has driving and determination. And the third, most underrated, is the creativity of artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. I have never seen a single person of physics, creativity and hard work, and I think it is so special to think so.

– Musk recently said this was the worst year of his career. I sleep in the office next to the production line. There is worry about your health. Do you think it is dangerous?

– It's crazy, but I think he's acting like that. When he first founded the Zip2 company, he spent the night in his office as a sleeping bag. I do not know if it is the best for your health. At some point there may be a breakpoint, but that is how it should work. He forces the collapse, and then forces him to take two days. And he comes back. This has always existed and how it will be.

– Wall Street has a large sector with short sales bets that Tesla will drop.

– I do not know who is betting at night about the only person who can not sleep. If there is anyone I will never bet, it is Elon Musk. People love Tesla. It's a company with incredible products, and a CEO who has long been successful in all odds. Why would someone bet on it? Tesla has a huge stance. When his stock was $ 30, he was known for short pressures, and many of those who lost hundreds of millions of dollars when the stock rises to $ 200 have repeated. I think the pattern will repeat.

– Why are so many people in short positions?

– I talked to many gamblers about Tesla. There are more smart people and more capital and good reasons. They have been thinking a lot about the problems of the business model. Bets on this are a valid part of the market. They are betting that the stock will fall, I will go up. Fair. At the end of the day, you can see where the chip is.

– Is there a campaign against signing?

– Opponents are trying to spread negative news, and there is a conspiracy theory that this damages the company. I do not believe it, but I think Elon believes it. So I wanted to get Tesla out of the bag.

– There is an article on his mental health that jokes about mixing sleeping pills with alcohol by posting a quote from Elliott's rather depressing Tierra Baldía.

The biggest concern is that what happens to Elon and can not manage the company. So I hope his mental health is good. I think he is okay. He is just tired. He was exaggerated a lot and tried to provide that image for that article, but on the same day he was interviewed for a slightly tired but calm and rational Internet channel. Maybe you can eat sleeping pills. It seems normal to me. Numerous people do it. So I wanted to get the company out of the bag. He is tired of people who do not focus on true stories.

And what is the true story of musk?

– The world is changing, the car is destroying everyone else in the US sales, and a proposed master plan is happening 12 years before anyone can think of it. You are leading the most innovative companies and imagine the most complex products. You are succeeding. It does not sound like a CEO with a mental health problem. It seems to encourage CEO.

Elon Musk, a symbol of the new economy

We wonder why Elon Musk has become a global phenomenon. And the answer is that the company is at the forefront of the digital revolution that is transforming the world. His vision for the future best embodies the spirit of the new economy. Musk's attitude was less interested in profits than innovation, making it a hero of millions around the world. Chile is no exception. In April of this year, we posted an article on local vendor plans to bring Tesla cars to the DF website. This memo has been the fifth most read so far.
The specific style of musicality is driving the most traditional aspects of Wall Street and the tension. Just ten years ago, Tesla (a company that moved in February 2004), which seemed absurd, was attacked by a traditional car. Their "gigafábricas" are changing everything known in production models and scales. Its Solarcity division is a leader in the electrical industry. Solar tiles and smart meters have made the home a big supplier, and the accumulation plant promises to solve household and distribution problems. The boring company has been able to make the biggest changes in the urban infrastructure of the last century through a sophisticated tunnel network. SpaceX, the goal of colonizing Mars, leaves space competition to private individuals. His personal project, Hyperloop, can bring Beijing and Los Angeles together in a matter of hours to create new means of transportation that are unaffected by weather and accidents. Before I tasted success with PayPal's production and sales.

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