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The final between River and Boca is played on 8th of December 9th in Argentina


BUENOS AIRES – The final destination of the Copa Libertadores del 2018 between River Plate and Boca Juniors is to be played in a neutral place, the 8th of December 9th, the second decade is the martes Conmebol.

This is a determination in a country that has managed to deal with the club's aging club this month, following the postponement of the unexpected threat of debating the sabbatical case in the Monumental of Buenos Aires, which has been suspended for violent acts Autobus that lets the jugadores of Boca the stadium.

In an interview published yesterday in its Asuncion, the Sudanese football referee advocated the "result that the final part of the country was" (Argentina) and the consensus of the violent incidents and the result of their futbolistas Boca Juniors.

La Conmebol Taking the decision based on the article 4 of the Competition Reglement Copa Libertadores This is an indication that they are "guaranteeing the integrity principles, the continuity and the stability of the competitions, the fair play (depression), the financial and financial" segment, and one of their apartheids.

In the context, it is indica that the stable state to play the part of the planet is 8th December 9th, and a different neutral place in Argentina and in the horizon and the definitions, this is the case with suspicion is the case in the fall Tribunal Disciplinary of the Conmebol.

Dicho tribunal estudia la solicitud de Boca Juniors que el partido no se juegue, que River Plate sea ​​castigado and end up being the title of the Copa Libertadores a la institución Xeneize.

River Plate In contrast, the controversy that the case is being discussed in the Monumental and Applied.

"Decidments that the party, in the case of their definition, is the country for the Argentine territories," says Alejandro Domínguez, Presidente de la Conmebol, in the salary of the government.

Sus homólogos de River Plate and Boca Juniors aún no hecho declaraciones.

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