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"Texcoco Yes, it is not fickle!" Shouting NAIM's National Guard march (video)


Mexico City ( .- "I wanted a survey and I have the answer!", "Texcoco yes, caprices no!" This Sunday, the Illinois Autonomous Government participated in March against the "Mode Consultation" with the new Mexico International Airport (NAIM).

On the other hand, they refused to appeal to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro for a protest by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador in Parliament on 1 December.

Most of those clad in black clothes, tennis, bags, sunglasses, invisible things to violent demonstrations, missing feminists, corruption, electoral fraud, and many others clad in a roundabout. Minutes of independence angel after 11:00 hours on the capital Zócalo. At a slow pace – several elderly people, even some of the wheelchairs, began to walk while shouting relief to Tabasco's decision.

"No, we want progress!", "Respect the law and the Constitution!", "Yes, not to St. Lucia, not to Texcoco!", "No to duck counseling!" Brought coffee from the renowned coffee shop in Reforma, and on the other hand carried a chain of dogs with pedigree.

Juice, 5 de Mayo, and some protesters in social networks identified as "collections" for an hour and a half in Spain's main square have tried to make it clear. "I am not a worker," "chairo nor fifa do not divide the country," and "we are all Mexicans!".

The group of teen girls was charming because they were the first people to march and the first one also walked along Avenida Juarez. "It 's Chinatown," he said. "And it's a great art, is not it?" He asked. And they gather together and take on themselves.

Every Sunday, on a route through the Reforma lane to the north, where Paseo Dominical is taking over, "a group was carrying a huge white balloon simulating NAIM at Texcoco, Mexico proudly shouting Mexico", "Cielito Lindo" And playing country.

Already, protesters say, "It is a mistake to be with Obrador!" To see his views on Venezuelan President-elect and the demonstrations against Venezuelan President. El Peje in Venezuela, El Peje in Venezuela, and No No Maduro "Mexico does not sleep, how did Venezuela start?"

"Andres did not do that.

Upon arriving at Zócalo, Laura Helena Herrerón, chairman of the ProVecino movement and chief executive of the march, made it clear that this was not about Lopez Obrador. "We respect, but we should give our citizens as citizens and respect the participatory democracy."

He compared Tabasco and Pontius Pilate. Because he is washing his hands in front of people and making decisions that do not fit into the country. "We are neither fifis nor pirruris nor chairos, we are all Mexicans, and this is an example to the next president that we will not stay too quiet and we will not get used to it, Mr. Andres.

Oscar acosta, a customs broker and march, explained the following about the demonstration participation in "If you say that instead of making a ruling, you declare that corruption is there and then you will hire someone to blame, and it is a water hammer, how corrupt it is. How is it possible to agree on a few in consultation than this person is manipulated? In order to have a high airport. "

"Mexico is bigger than any question or party," said Santiago Lopez, vice president of Pilot University. "We all want our decisions to be respected and we will not stop until Mexico develops. Just go to Palestine! "And they went, but they did not even cross the circuit.

"Texcoco's NAIM needs to move forward, we can not do patito consultation, and we have more than 20 years of executive projects with roads … Morena is an old PRI, we can not go back. We will take all necessary measures to eliminate the ducklings, illegal and unconstitutional counseling, "said Francisco Javier Chavarría of Alianza por México Todos Somos Uno.

Workers and workers

Although they were the fewest, the contingency program was made up of experts who are currently working on NAIM's work and who do not know what will happen to their job since December 1.

This is the case of a woman who has been working as a construction supervisor and has already been informed of the contract period two years from now. In an interview with, he said he had lost his home on Sept. 19 earthquake last year and had to start leasing. Now he will lose his job.

"I did not agree with the cancellation, but the next committee member did not think about the worker, will he help us pay rent and food? There are a lot of workers in restaurants, surveillance, bandereros. I will leave without work, "he said.

He criticized the uncertainty about whether workers live in jobs and that medical services are at risk of anxiety.

Approximately 150 ejidatarios of San Salvador Atenco have marched because "we want to develop". In an interview with reporters, President José Alejandro Santiago López, chairman of the ejido commissariat Atenco, said in an attempt by President Vicente Fox that the government wants to buy them at 7.20 pesos per square meter of their ejidos to make the airport in that municipality.

Now they trust people with 200 pesos and lose confidence because they will create jobs, social work, specialized hospitals, technical schools, and more benefits. They are with the cancellation of NAIM at Texcoco, You will meet another air school for young students.

"We want development and progress," he added, adding that he hoped to find Lopez Obrador and not cancel the project. Otherwise he demanded: "He has already compensated us for sitting with entrepreneurs and ejidatarios, or our land will return us"

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