Sunday , October 24 2021

Save !: A new Google Maps tool can run


Technology is synonymous to progress and update, but not everything is good. On this occasion is the new tool Google Maps users can sharpen and stimulate the increase scammers and the false accounts of criminals want to raise their surprise profits.

The case was announced in India, the country was one of the first to get technical advice. According to the source Insider source, the unusual form of abuse uses an innovative form: it calls the identity of banks by Google Maps. The "play" of scammers gives cyber nurses at risk, to trust them in the information and data they have received without believing that they can learn the total benefit of their bank accounts .


According to The Hindu, Maharashtra learned police about the situation and gave a warning about this type of scam, after they received various complaints in the last month. The authorities indicate that when looking for a bank account contact in the Google search engine, the results are the Google Maps site.

However, these activities are not indicated in other parts of the world, but the alert is active, virtual crimes are in any case of virtual services, in that case Google, which is a weak have been in & # 39; Ensure the security of your data and customers that the information provided by Google Maps is true and secure, they accept to provide telephone information without knowing the consequences.

On the other hand, Google's representative with The Hindu said, "There are some inaccuracies or false editions." And then he said, "If that happens, we will do our best to confirm this event as soon as possible," were the words of the authorized spokesman.

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