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Petrobras prevents the gas injection of gas bolivian | ECONOMIA


Petrobras will review the contrast of the gas converter with Bolivia that will be the final one next year, with a note posted to the Global Globe Diary. El acuerdo, firmado con Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), predicts that the Brazilian statue has imported up to 34 million cubic meters per day.

The current agreement with the discretion of Petrobras, the volumes decreased by the same level; It decides 15 millones de metros cúbicos por día. It is equivalent to the market of San Pablo.

The contribution of gas imports is one of the issues that the president of the oil tanker, the economist Roberto Castello Branco, has analyzed.

Fuentes serves to the extent that it is still a position in the respect, as it is likely that the sugerencies of the area of ​​the business, the O Globo segment, are likely.

It is considered that the priorities of the Brazilian state of the sea are producing production in the precocious camps (an ultramarine), which is required to be accounted for by 24 millions of cube diaries, unless they are imported.

Cabe records that one is temporarily incompatible with 30 millions of metric diagonal metrics; sin embargo, debido a que el último es una demanda interna fue baja, la estatal brasileña tiene excesentes de gas para recibir y cubrir su mercado local.

The potential disintegration of the gas emissions by Petrobras is a vice versa in an international affiliate loan that prepares the Brazilian Petroleum Agencia (ANP) of Brazil for the first time in the year to discuss which embezzlement of the gas service .

Se veía venir

The reductions of Bolivia's import importation into the is a situation that has occurred. In June of the year, a study titled Panoramic of the Natural Gas Industries of Bolivia, realizing the Ministry of Mines and the Energy of Brazil, recommends the reform of the gas compaction and the import of Bolivia from 2019 to 50%; It decides, 16 millones de metros cúbicos día.

"It is worthwhile that the renovation of the natural gas comparisons of the Brazilian después of 2019, for new contrasts, can be taken into consideration volumes of men who neglected the actual controversy," said the documentary.

El DEBER is contacted with Óscar Barriga, YPFB president, from where he is located in Santa Cruz and referring to the theme.

Cabe recorded in an interview with the Mayor Diary, in July 2017, the Minister of Hidrocarburos, Luis Alberto Sánchez, indicates that the merchandise of the gas bolivian in Brasil was between 30, 35 and up to 40 millones of metric circulatory diaries It will be necessary, as the gas bolivian is most competitive in terms of precision and the economic of the LNG.


The decentralized energy analyst Álvaro Ríos, Petrobras, has produced more gas pressures from the Presales of the world since its earliest days and requires a lot of gasoline gas, as it is logical that disinfect the importation.

"Bolivia has the ability to negotiate with private empowerment, with the potential of reducing the volume of volumes. There is no need to have a controversy Estado-Estado. A Petrobras tenemos que mirarla como una empresa que es competencia del país ", dijo Ríos.

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