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Paris Hilton visits Sochi Micco's victims in 19-S (photo and video).


November 12, 2018

The Socialist Party visited Sochi Tilco San Gregorio, who visited a house he helped with his funds for the September 19, 2017 earthquake victims.

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On Monday, about 4:00 p.m. Paris Hilton arrived at a property located between the greenhouse and the canal. Twenty people were waiting for her here. Most wanted to meet children, teens and mothers.

Also, the model arrived with more than 10 people; They walked the bridges and planted them to meet their beneficiaries. According to Milenio, they developed into a pair of wooden buildings that accommodate two families.

"Hello, how are you?", Health in Spanish, and I loaded a small one and gave her a watch. He also took pictures with people who came to him and found out the house.

In addition, in a place where a variety of decorative cushions received by minors are delivered; Some curious people have seen the moment they enrolled in a cell phone from afar.

I will give you sweets, sweets, and water to the children who play soccer and run around the land. Paris Hilton was assisted by a translators with her family.

Although you have visited several houses, there are a total of seven that can be built with your contribution. Each region costs about 50,000 pesos, which is ecological and solar panels because there is no electricity or water service in the area.

Hilton has promised to continue to improve this house and follow up with her family to meet their requests. Delivery is kind and people build houses.

It is an honor to know your parents who do their best for the welfare of their children.

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