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Nexua Monterrey – Report of the Party – November 11, 2018


Monterrey His house Rigilia After setting goals for humility NexaHe could not give fans the last joy, but he showed one of the most powerful teams in Mexican football.

& # 39; Hidrorrayos & # 39; lived their last meeting with the local people. Opened in 2018 When La Pandilla, who landed on the hydro-calid ground, was accepted as liking to get three points, he could not impose a condition during the duel, and they did not dominate the field.

Leo Montanos was better in the first 15 minutes, surprised by his vertical and attack strengths, and was key to achieving his first goal. Doran's paperback, Who controlled within the area and ended up opening the electrons in a powerful way.

The whole house was aggressive, and his courage Marcelo Barrobero They could not use capital.

Rodolfo Pizarro He sustained his weight on his left arm and tried to become a key player until he hit an eighth of an inch until he hit an elbow injury, which caused the lever to trigger an alarm on the bench.

During the second half of the year, the electrical engineer group seemed more aggressive and equal. Alejandro Mayor After trying to get a shot from outside the area and try a hard cross for Barovero, Argentina was in a good position to send in a corner.

Red hair tied at a speed of & # 39; 71. Brian Fernandez He shot the goalkeeper directly and focused on the second play. GallegosHe was able to give his team the equalizer.

Wow Diego Alonso Frustrated on the bench, blanquiazules generate high pressure while departing the ranks and opponents.

With the ball in the north box, Luis Madrigal He quickly flew to the left field and hit the crossbar.

Monterrey has had a big challenge with the big party and will think it will take a better position on the last party. AtlasNecaxa will try to finish the championship laughably.

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