Monday , June 21 2021

NASA, a giant meteorite crater found in Greenland [Ciencia] – November 14, 2014

Washington .- International researchers have identified a massive meteor crater hidden in less than a kilometer of ice in Greenland, NASA said on Wednesday, which will determine the impact of the collision on the Earth and its impact on the Earth.

"The first crater found on the Greenland ice sheet is one of the 25 largest craters on Earth, with a diameter of about 305 meters and a diameter of more than 30 kilometers," the astronaut said.

Initially led by researchers at the Geogenetics Center in Copenhagen, including the NASA glaciologist and the National History Museum of Denmark, the team has validated findings discovered in the last three years in 2015 Using data from the US Space Agency

This discovery was published in the November 14 issue of Science Advances.

Previous studies have shown that major impacts can have a significant impact on the Earth's climate and that there are important consequences for life on the planet at the time.

The researchers plan to continue research in this area, addressing the remaining questions as to how and when the effects of meteorites affected planets.

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