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Us Privacy Activities are currently registered on the Internet because there is no clear distinction between the Internet and the Internet. Digital world And the physical thing that brings us new risks Vulnerable In Cyber ​​space. Transactions through technical devices, such as the advantage that you no longer need to leave your home to purchase products or pay for services expose us to threats


Deal in electronic commerce o electronic commerce (E-commerce on mobile phones, browsers or apps) are at risk of fraud, repayment and false rejection according to MasterCard information. In other words, it is an ecosystem that is difficult to control. Offline world.

Despite the threat, online commerce continues to grow. In fact, m-commerce stands out with a 50% increase. However, according to Mastercard data, 40% of online transactions are denied in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), the highest rate in the world. Similarly, 90% of deceptive cards in LAC cards are "no cards" and 78% of claims registered with commercial banks during the first three months of this year are alleged fraud charges.

For the above reasons, users display disbelief about online (personal and financial) information security. That Global Cyber ​​Security Survey: Captulo México, presented by Mastercard, indicates that digital Internet security is one of the greatest concerns of Mexican Internet users, with 92% feeling uneasy about accessing or stealing information. Conversely, 73% of respondents think that they can do little to prevent information leakage or piracy, and more than half (55%) feel helpless. Online security.
How to build trust? Mexico has low confidence, which means that people with experience in the digital world are almost insecure.

"When we talk about payments, without security, there is no trust, everything is exposed to fraud and misuse of personal and financial information, and who is going to use the system to expose and extract funds? Security is fundamental Tech Bit Patricio Hernndez, Senior Vice President, Security Solutions Mastercard Latin America and Caribbean.

Experts have emphasized the complexity of security, especially in the area of ​​e-commerce. "It's important to enhance security and improve the user experience, because security enhancements and user experience have generally worsened, but nowadays they are not being accepted and paying when they want, , He said.

Challenges to Enhanced Security.

Lauren Zamarnez, Consultants and economists explain that one of the major challenges in Mexico is the low penetration of electronic payment instruments. "There has been particularly great growth in the last decade, but it is starting from a very small base and the attack is becoming more sophisticated.
Endpoint (any device outside the corporate firewall): This can be a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Meanwhile, Patrio Hernerjez I commented that another major challenge for the payment industry is ensuring the identity of the person making the transaction. That is, the credentials he presents for payment are actually his data or even the identity of someone else. There is a new digital authentication protocol that provides much more information and industry standards, and it can help to validate people's identity and reduce fraud by passing artificial intelligence to go through legitimate transactions, he said.

"This rich information not only relates to the nature of the company, Hardware or softwareBut IP address Mastercard experts are added to the shopping cart attributes to know how secure the shopping cart is, for example, where the user connects and the data of the commerce.

The billing platform works for security. Authorized online commerce site representative MercadoLibre and Linio, As well as solutions Samsung PayYou agree that you must be safe and secure to use the Platform.

Omar Galicia, Commercial Director of MercadoLibre in Mexico, said that in 2014, the seller and buyer's options were directly entered into, and the total transaction made by MercadoPago was decided to grant a purchase guarantee based on: Offers security, incentives, and benefits for people doing digital transactions. It also provides protection for users to make purchases freely. If you do not know the rate, MercadoPago will compensate you.

Francisco Martnez, Senior Manager of Value Added Services at Samsung Electronics, said that Samsung Pay's solution is to create value and create value by eliminating cash use and providing security to users. It also agrees that it is still a number of electronic payments.

Your system is based on technology. Near Field Communication (NFC) And Magnetic Secure Transmission, the device emits a magnetic signal that emulates the action of sliding a physical card at a point of sale (POS) terminal. Your personal information is secured because biometric systems (fingerprint or iris) and security PINs are required to validate transactions.

Spokesmen agreed that people should not be frustrated when using mobile payments, but they were confident that they could do so without inconvenience. He also added that it is important to let him know that he is the main player to avoid a fraud.

Finally, Patricio Hernández noted: "The coordination and sharing of information between three players (banks, commerce, and clients) is essential, and sometimes abandoning people and attempting to use services to reduce the growth of e-commerce, even though they have not grown to the rhythm of true potential He concluded.

Protect yourself with these electronic trading solutions.

Given that 55% of Mexicans feel helpless about the security of online personal and financial information, e-commerce companies have developed systems to help protect their transactions.

Merkado Fargo

Protect path information from your computer, smartphone, or tablet to the server. Encrypt your data securely to maintain a high level of online security. Also protect your money until you buy. When payment is made, the seller can see the money in his account, but wait until it is available before being evaluated.

Samsung Pay

All user information is protected by fingerprint, security token and Samsung Knox. The system does not store or share purchase data. Transactions are verified with biometrics, so only users can verify payments. To use this service, you'll need to enter the app on your brand's smartphone, add and pay for card data.


The buyer protection system provides compensation for all online purchases that meet the following requirements: The account must not have an incident and must file a dispute within 180 days of the date of the dispute. Buy or pay. With this guarantee, the company will make a total repayment.

Oxxo Pay

Designed to provide a great experience for customers who trade in stores. Our Conekta platform provides infrastructure and notifies you of transactions for transactions made automatically based on payment schedules and corresponding amounts. It also implements powerful anti-fraud tools.


There is a warranty policy that allows the customer to return the product within 14 days of receipt of the product in case the customer is not satisfied or is damaged, in which case the company will reimburse 100% of the purchase price. It also protects your information according to the information set in the Federal Privacy Act for the protection of personal information.

Amazon cash

Participating agencies can use a barcode or mobile phone number to deposit cash into their Amazon balance. It is possible to pay £ 100 to £ 5,000 to purchase products from your website. In this way, users no longer need to share information on bank cards to perform transactions on the e-commerce portal.

Easy prevention of unmanned airplane

Alina Adin

The use of UAV is about two years in the market of construction sector in Mexico

These devices allow you to obtain data from difficult access points.

In addition to entertainment applications such as photo capturing and video recording, unmanned aerial vehicles are being used for more professional industrial activities.

The above example is Zurich. An insurance company in Mexico is "launching a new campaign called Intelligent Prevention, which can raise awareness of the most dangerous risks and safeguard them through small-scale activities.
As part of this campaign, we use unmanned aircraft for risk prevention. Nicholas Deakin, risk engineering director in Zurich, said: "We started thinking about using unmanned airplanes about five years ago, which was a very exciting technology because it gives us another perspective.

The company uses unmanned aircraft to get information from inaccessible locations and keeps engineers from being in danger.

In addition, with the contractor, the insurer customizes the unmanned airplane that implements terrain, tomography, and high-quality cameras to change details such as weight, flight type, and battery.
Deakin explains that the use of these devices is concerned with construction, infrastructure, roads, hydrocarbons, hydraulics, buildings and industrial plant sectors. However, he says he is looking for new options for expanding services to other business lines.

Regarding the impact of the project, he noted: "As agents and construction companies that can provide services to insurance companies at an additional cost, they are edited with each point in the risk and interest pointed out by experts who can already see flights in digital reports.

The project must also ensure that the pilots and equipment registered with the Communications and Traffic Office have been certified, but it is based on national legislation as there is no regulation in the country at the time of operation. United, "the most stringent worldwide, confirmed.

Finally, Deakin provides equipment to the company to provide the equipment
A flight expert provided by the contractor and a professional construction engineer from Zurich integrated.

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