Saturday , May 28 2022

Maluma will come out of the cabin? Mhoni Seer shows it


The examples of Mhoni Seer call up again, now Maluma. And is that the Cuban judge said the singer "quickly comes out of the castle."

In the morning TODAY, Mhoni commented that the Colombian, after his retirement, will return to the stage, but will also open statements about his sexuality.

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"It tells me that 8 or 10 years ago, when Ricky Martin traveled a year later to Tibet, he returned and left the room," said Mhoni.

In his days Maluma lost that he would retreat to meditate and to do yoga. Later by his Instagram account, the Colombian commented and made sure he was not yet sent out of the city.

And his girlfriend Natalia?

Although Maluma has never spoken about her openly, it is known that Natalia Barulích, the wonderful model that stars in the video of Happy the 4, is the woman who has won very quickly.

According to various special media, Maluma is asked by the relationship he has with Natalia and enjoying any moment on his side.

The model was in a clip of passion and romance that came over the screen. Both are included by the paparazzi in Italy that enjoy their company.

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Among other prements, Vidente was to be a tragedy with a famous musical group of between 15 and 17 people, and declared that this accident would be in a truck or planet.

He also paid that soon to be known about the difficulty of Mollie Gould, the new sentimental partner of Luis Miguel, who was 19 years old.

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