Sunday , January 24 2021

Libertadores: Enrique Bonilla looks forward to talking to Conmebol's president.

Pachuca –

Enriche Bonilla, President Riga MXHe hopes to meet. Alejandro DominguezTo celebrate the eighth survey in Mexico Hall of Fame Pachuca, Hidalgo.

After paying attention MLS And Riga MX They are working on close ties and the possibility of a joint tournament, and the manager hopes to talk to people. Conmebol About returning to Mexico club River Tador Cup.

"We keep working, and relationships MLS Like any big project, it takes time, but we keep working. " Bonilla.

"It's already a more complex issue. Don AlejandroWe should talk to him. We are confident that the conversation is on hold and that something good will come out. Here we will leave at least one scheduled meeting. "

On the other hand, League He pointed out that there was no controversy between clubs since yesterday. Monarch Roberto Meraz's J14, J15 and J16 cumulative minutes Rule 20/11, Although young people have been injured by injuries try.

The league awarded him for injuries and obstacles for several days. Monarch The boy is like he Tri-sub 20 In Concacaf Premundial Because it was during the concentration of wounded Mexicans.

"It's a clear problem at the club, and it's working in the Sports Development Committee, it's very clear to us, the spirit of the rules.

"Because we do not have space to put everything on the Internet, the reason we have to put in every single regulation as much as possible is that there is a document that has the power to implement it and the participants will know it clearly."

On the research conducted by Cofece In the club Riga MX The players commented that the league would be with the FMF later in the year if the official position is given in accordance with the exclusive custom in the signatures.

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