Monday , November 29 2021

Include the primary televisor with AI that realizes comandos in Spanish


The televisions are a central feature of the LG OLED TV, LG SUPER UHD TV, LG UHD TV and LG Smart TV, which is a great feature of the extraordinary image quality, its elegant design, its reconciliation features natural y ahora, the intelligence artificial intelligence, which uses a grainy concept and a platinum AI ThinQ.

Gracias al Lenguaje Natural (NLP) from the LG TV TVs AI ThinQ, where the video conferencing videos, the videos and the videos featured on the screen are realistic, with the LG Magic Remote control.

As a result of the "recombined one" or "the most bajito", it is all about deciding whether it is televised LG TV AI ThinQ to comply with the commands and the ejaculation, and different televisions to the cusps are the necessities of commerce.

Además con una calidad de imagen nunca antes vista -potenciada por el new intelligent processor (Alpha) – the models of OLED and SUPER UHD are more realistic, consolidated with LG Electronics as a global leader in the intelligence of market intelligence.

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LG AI ThinQ: Impulse an ecosistema conectado

The intelligent LG smartphones are designed to work on a collaborative approach, including exposure to the ecosystem and the use of disposable devices.

With the intelligence of artificial intelligence, the LG TV AI ThinQ televisions are converged in mid-range controls, including other products such as smart phones, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, intelligent audio, audio systems and many other devices that can be used conectarse al televisor from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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The image quality and intuitive settings

For its part, the models W8, C8 and E8 from the new series of LG OLED TV series AI ThinQ operators with the intelligent 9-inch smartphone (Alpha 9), including excellent televisions of 120 Hz real estate (HFR) Rapidly distortion of image, image, graphics and more than 8 millions of pixels with illuminated pixel, LG OLED telephones have been offering the perfect color for perfect colors.

The new LG Laptop UHD TV AI ThinQ, with its Panel NanoCell ™ exclusive LG, enters the real colors and precision of the sound that is in the mirror.

The LG's ambas series is equipped with technology 4K Cinema HDR, convicted in the most important televisions that reproduce all HDR formats: Dolby Vision, Advanced HDR by Technicolor, HLG and HDR10 Pro. This is an excellent image of the merge with the Dolby Atmos sounds from your moment fraternity with an audiovisual audience, with informations about Forbes.

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