We are totally immersed in the present of dark matter, hurricaneAs published in the magazine last week Physical Review D. However, due to the small interactions considered dark matter, we are unlikely to realize what is happening. But researchers It can mean solving one of the most unknown things in modern physics..

But we are not ahead of the case because we still need time to solve this mystery. How did you see this? hurricane The substance of darkness? Where did it come from? What do scientists mean? Can you detect dark matter?

I have to go until one year. Gaia probe It detected the ideal of the Milky Way. they Shiaan O Hair, His colleagues, along with Zaragoza University and S1, "The Flow of Galactic Materials," the researcher explained. Hypertext. It adds, "It is a substance that moves all the materials in our galaxy along a single stream." And what is this flow? Well, "the smallest galaxy meal In our galaxy. "

This current specificity, according to current theories, is that galaxies are surrounded by dark matter, so this current will also "bring a lot of dark matter to the solar system" and that the movement is very fast. Although "We do not know how much dark matter will be"The researchers hope that one of the experiments undergoing surgery will eventually ring the alarm. The speed of this current is 500 km / s when compared to the 230 km / s we have. Familiar, Thus it was classified as hurricane The probability of finding it increases.

Something can happen, but the scientists of this study already have one of the experiments Canfrac's Underground Laboratory In the Aragonese Pyrenees, under Montaña del Tobazo, It takes many years. Finally, answer one of the great unknowns of modern physics. Do you have dark matter?

But we hope to discover dark matter someday, but we have some ideas but we do not yet have any evidence of what the particles are. "O Hare says," So, We are testing all options.There are many experiments around the world, and finding it! ", Adds the researcher. GIMP (Abbreviation in English) Axion.

The first option is A giant particle of weak interactionMass can oscillate between several times and hundreds of times the mass of a proton, and collisions with other atoms can cause nuclear interactions on all detectors on Earth. On the other hand, while axions It is very light and capable of being a photon.. These particles are dark matter that become scientists' favorite particles.

"S1 is helpful for dark matter detection. The signal is stronger or easier to detect."Explains O'Hara, who avoids this current because it can make dark matter stronger. noise Experiments are in progress. This trend will also help us understand more about life and life. History of our galaxy"He concludes.

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