Wednesday , December 8 2021

Health Announces First National Day of Diabetes


* Training measures and timely detection of diseases will be strengthened from November 12 to 16.


Colima, Col.- In the framework of the next World Diabetes Day, the State Department of Health and Human Services will notify the first National Diabetes Week of November 12-16 as well as the importance of healthy eating and physical activity to prevent and control disease Activities that will make people aware of the disease and its complications will be strengthened.

In this regard, the Senior Health Ministry staff said they will start on Monday, November 12 for health in the city's Coquimatlán municipal seats on foot and health fairs. It helps prevent conditions such as diabetes and other obesity associated with services and medications.

Likewise, surveys of risk factors for elderly people are applied in units of the first level of interest for the measurement of capillary blood glucose, blood pressure, weight, height and girth, as well as timely diabetes, hypertension, obesity and dyslipidemia. Measure waist and calculate body mass index.

Food orientation and standard menus are also provided, depending on the calorie needs and the importance of physical activity, and discuss the population's alternatives based on physical activity.

The module, which will be installed at the health fair, will provide information on oral health and women's cancer as well as guidelines on the application of sex life, gender equality and violence and the influenza vaccine.

In addition, there will be a precautionary measure against breast and cervical cancer, and a survey of men over the age of 45 for prostate symptoms and prostate antigens.

Obesity is seen as one of the major risk factors for the onset of diabetes through these specific preventive and management measures, so the goal is to prevent obesity.

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