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Gignac has 14 goals and is playing the best tournament in Mexico.


André celebrates one of the 94 annotations with the tiger. Photo: Special

One of the leading Mexican football players is André-Pierre Gignac of France. He has proven his ability since joining Aztec soccer, and most of all he left his name on top. Sultana del Norte informed the world of UANL to the world.

Gignac wore his cat's jacket at Apertura 2015. In this competition he joined the Monterrey team in the Copa Libertadores final and eventually lost to River Plate. Such a campaign was crowned with the Tigers. After Ricardo Ferretti arrived, the cat resumed to a great level. Because they were fighting in the relegation zone before Brazil arrived.

Tigres, who has named Gignac the lead, won three times in the MX league, one in the cup and three in the championship championship. It has the best goal opportunity, no date, and 14 goals in Apertura 2018, making it the best and best breaker in the Mexican contest.

Of the seven tournaments in which the French play in Mexico, which, as already mentioned, accumulate 14 when there is no date to play, so you can add more, but in the past the closest match was Clausura 2016, 11th Debut, October 5th Apertura 2016, Clausura 2017, 4th AP17 This is the worst championship and 9 in CL18.

  • data : With northern people Accumulate Liga MX 3 titles and add them as the best catcher.

Gignac became a man's record. He set a record because he was so close to Tomás Boy. It was the Tigers' best scorer with 102 points, but the French striker scored 94 points and eight points. Entering the Liguilla, this year boss. The figure was 28th in the weekly survey by André-Pierre Gignac and Football World Rankings, which topped the world's top 20 with 17th above catchers like Neymar. , Mbappé, Sergio Agüero and Bale.

These are Tuca Despite the big party on November 24th, we have a big party against Chivas, a set that has already been removed. Despite the huge manpower, you can still get your cat in trouble because you are still in the place without closing the pass. I have to fight against Toluca, Pachuca, Morelia, Querétaro and win for 15 days without waiting for others to do when the MX league restarts.

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