Thursday , August 11 2022

Fraga and Ventura, Success in Mexico


As breeder Enrique Fraga told Diego Ventura, as to how few bulls were, he learned how much money a ghost made, a beautiful bull with a great game and an excellent game the Lusitanian rejoneador had. Bombón runs the fortune of the pillar, and he places the rejones of punishment on a noble horse on the board.

He continued to perform in the hometown of Sueño, bordering his buttocks round the expedition and allowing the banderillas to defeat the luck. With Gitano, he called the luck of the violin with ornaments twice to put the banderillas in his hands, twice in the hands, and rode with Torrijo just by the handling of the horse with his legs. When I put a short flag on the fate of "rose" and tried to use the death line, the line was filled with a white handkerchief, and the judge was not forgiven and was forgiven.

Thus, Portugal's Rejoneador and Michoacan breeders have returned victorious to the arena between general standing and popular satisfaction.

With the opening, Ventura was equally good at Jaguar, Oro, Colombo, and Toronjo, but he was wrongly applauded at the deadly Rejón.

Enrique Ponce, on the other hand, faced a protesting laurel, Don Luis, who had a brilliant moment on his right and changed his hand in front of him, realizing the fate of the invention Poncina, He was murdered. After receiving the majority of requests, I dropped a little to listen and protested at the time I received it. His second, dull and lightless, he continued to try to get naked without achieving much and his work was silent.

As for Octavio García el Payo, he did not have much of his luck. His first, bull was soft and without transmission, but he picador Erik Morales was knocked down, leaving almost nothing to retire.

Congratulations started well with the seventh but when he performed the round on the right, he succumbed to antiquity and so he took him to the nursing home where he had not been discharged; The bull was killed by Ponce and he heard applause.

Luis David Adame, a Benjamin of the celebration, has a variety of hardships in his coat, balancing silence and palms after the last afternoon.

Gustavo Campos and Héctor García excelled in the placement of banderillas and young picador César Daniel Morales after excellent pujazo.

The following Sunday, the company said goodbye to Segastián Castella and Diego Silveti and said they should handle a copy of La Estancia.

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